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Making history: All-female fly fishing team to compete at The TOPS at Spar Corporate Challenge finals

When one thinks of fly fishing, a mostly male-dominated space comes to mind, but in reality, female fly fishers have made an impressive mark on the sport. In South Africa, one all-female team has earned massive respect and is currently making waves.

Roxanne Stegen (Captain), Bridgette Stegen, Sindi-Leigh McBain and Lyndall Blaikie make up The Finance Team/ Women in Waders – South Africa’s first competitive female fly fishing team to make the TOPS at Spar Corporate Challenge finals since its inception! They share a deep passion for the sport and are proudly sponsored by The Finance Team, South Africa’s leading provider of part-time and interim financial managers, and CFO’s.

From left to right: Bridgette Stegen, Lyndall Blaikie , Roxanne Stegen and Sindi-Leigh McBain (The Finance Team/ Women in Waders)

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The Finance Team/ Women in Waders placed fourth in the first round earlier this year which earned them a place in the finals.

“A special mention must be made of Lyndall Blaikie who placed third individually, beating some very well-known and experienced fly fishers in the process,” says Roxanne Stegen, Team Captain.

The Finance Team has entered a team into this competition every year for the past six years. “We have gone on to receive a few accolades and have a sincere love for this sport!” says Managing Director, Grant Robson.

The Finance Team is passionate about breaking the mold and jumped at the chance to support and encourage more female participation in a sport that they are actively involved in. “This year will be special as the team will be entering an all-female team which we are thrilled about” says Grant Robson.

The event consists of three legs held over three separate weekends in June / July each year. Each leg consists of 15 teams of four anglers. The top five teams from each leg qualify for the finals that are to be held between the 22nd and 25th August 2019.

Sindi-Leigh McBain (left) and Lyndall Blaikie (right) (The Finance Team/ Women in Waders)

With a lot of hard work behind them, The Finance Team/ Women in Waders hopes to clench a top spot at this year’s finals, with the prize money in excess of R1 million. “We are so pleased to have made it to the finals and we look forward to competing against the best on the circuit once again” says Roxanne Stegen.

Grant Robson believes there is still a lot to be done to encourage and develop women in the sport of fly fishing.  “While the Corporate Challenge is very competitive, we feel that The Finance Team/ Women in Waders is as competitive and competent as their male counterparts. We hope that this team of ladies go on to inspire a new generation of female fly fishers”.

“We are looking forward to this year’s event and a long association with the team.” he concludes.


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