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All-female fly fishing team makes waves at [email protected] Corporate Trophy Challenge

It’s only been a few days since The Tops @ Spar Corporate Trophy Challenge, and the ladies all wish they were right back in the thick of things.

The Finance Team – Woman in Waders proudly placed 9th out of 15 teams (notable the only all-female team), achieving their personal goal going into this year’s first ever final as an all-woman team placing in the Top 10. Mission accomplished! Their prize includes a three-night guided fly-fishing trip to Semonkong Lodge Lesotho, an experience  the whole team is eagerly anticipating.

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Roxanne Stegen, Captain of the team had this to say: “I am so incredibly proud to be associated with the mad keen and accomplished anglers Bridgitte, Sindi and Lyndall as Woman in Waders, with the backing of The Finance Team, to whom we are grateful for affording us the opportunity.”

The Tops @ Spar Corporate Trophy Challenge lived up to its reputation as one of South Africa’s leading fly-fishing events in the KZN Midlands (Kamberg/Nottingham Road) hosting what is arguably the country’s most pristine still-water fishing. Well done to the organizers at WildFly and the riparian owners!

Also related to this story… https://getitmagazine.co.za/highway-berea/blog/2019/08/15/female-fly-fishing-team-gears-up-to-make-history/


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