Go big, go bold… there are no limits when it comes to maximalism


Forget the adage of less is more. Design and décor trends are moving towards surrounding yourself with more comfort, and with a focus on bold and striking items. It’s called Maximalism, and if you aren’t sure how to pull it off, here are some tips and ideas from Mobelli Furniture and Living’s Alon Sachs on how to transform your home.

Maximalism, the opposite of minimalism, embraces bold colours, deep textures and oversized seating. It is all about bringing the items that your heart desires into your home – whether they match or not. It is about stirring up emotions and passion, and expressing your personality through your interior.

Maximalism goes hand in hand with bold and vibrant shades. Embrace patterns in wallpaper and upholstery, and combine rich accent colours in cushions, ottomans, rugs and occasional chairs. Adding to the sensual experience is texture. Look for plush fabrics in upholstery and rugs, and experiment with glass, marble and metal accents. This style is eclectic rather than cluttered and chaotic, and all interiors (no matter how big or small) can incorporate the maximalism style through the elements of colour and textures.

Beautiful pillow on luxury sofa decoration in living room interior – Vintage Light Filter

Tips to transform your home:

  • The bigger, the better. Large sculptural lighting is perfect for this trend, along with oversized sofas and seating.
  • Turn your home into a gallery. There are no limits on artwork in this trend, and a feature wall full of photos or pictures will offset the room beautifully.
  • Maximalism is a book lover’s dream. Showcase all those volumes you’ve collected over the years on open shelving to create a feature wall and talking point.

There is really no right or wrong way to create a maximalist style in your home, as the trend is all about personal expression. But if you’re unsure of where to start, try a small dose of maximalism by adding colourful accessories and scatter cushions to a room. For the more adventurous, go all out and fill your room with colour, texture and statement pieces. See how it works for you, and it if you love, which we think you will, you can go all out!