A fabulous weekend read!


It’s Friyay and a weekend of chilling beckons! After putting our bumper October issue to bed this week, we need some time to relax and reboot and what better way than with a good book! We’re reading Leaving Word by Steven Boykey Sidley, (MF Books) a mystery about fame, death, books, art and the search for love and meaning.  Described by Kaya FM’s Jenny Cryws-Williams as a “delicious mash up of murder, sex, art and sly, dry humour that might just kill you!,”  the murder mystery centers around Joelle Jesson, a book editor who finds herself suddenly unemployed. When her ex-boss is found dead at his desk, Joelle’s plot instincts light up. Why did he die: Was he killed: Did he commit suicide? We can’t wait to find out the answers…


We have two copies of Leaving Word by Steven Boykiey Sidley to give away.  To enter, send your details, name, suburb and telephone number to [email protected]. Happy reading!