Wonderbra’s 2019 icon unveiled as student, model and humanitarian Kristina Andreas Louw


When Wonderbra set out to find this year’s icon, a woman who could embody their sexy, spirited brand, they weren’t just looking for a striking beauty. Their ambassador also had to have confidence and a very special something that would make her stand out. While it was a tall order, they’ve managed to find their woman in the form Kristina Andreas Louw.

Fiercely independent, entrepreneurial and adventurous, 23-year-old Kristina hails from Kloof in Durban where she studies public relations. She plans to pursue a career in cause-related marketing and corporate social investment, something she’ll juggle with modelling. Having caught the eye of a local agency back in 2015, Kristina has worked consistently but always wanted to focus on swimwear or lingerie and now Wonderbra is making that ambition a reality.

“Winning the Wonderbra icon-search has been a dream come true,” says Kristina.

“I want to use this platform to show the world that you can be a woman of stature and purpose but can also be proud of your God given body and wear it with pride.”

“I want to inspire women and young girls to be unapologetic and recognise themselves as powerful forces in society.”

Kristina follows in the footsteps of last year’s Wonderbra Icon winner, Phumza Tiya. Both she and Phumza have been chosen to feature in an International Wonderbra campaign that will launch in Europe and the UK from November onwards. This is another dream come true for Kristina who’s got her sights set on an international modelling career.

“Kristina embodied all that we were looking for in our new Wonderbra Icon,” says Raquel van Niekerk, Wonderbra’s International Brand Manager:

“She’s a woman that is confident, smart, fun and sexy in her unique way. We did not want to go for the typical model that you would expect Wonderbra to have.”

“The brand is shifting and starting to look for icons that are more representative of women, while retaining the innate sexiness of the brand. With Kristina, we believe we have found the perfect fit.”

As far as sex appeal is concerned, Kristina believes it’s a power any woman can possess.

“I define a powerful woman as someone confident in her skin. She knows what she stands for and what she wants in life. She creates her destiny and pursues her dreams but she also empowers those around her.”

As an active human rights defender, empowerment is very important to Kristina, who speaks publicly on women’s issues and rights within her community. One of the many reasons she resonates so strongly with Wonderbra is because she feels strongly about championing brands that manufacture locally. “Wonderbra’s labour laws are ethical and they recognise human rights. The reality is that a third of South Africans are unemployed, so it’s important to support companies like Wonderbra that create jobs”, she says.

In her spare time, Kristina enjoys working out at the gym as well as running and wants to finish the Comrades Marathon in three years from now. (With her admirable drive and determination, we’re convinced she’ll do it in two.)

Kristina has won a modelling contract and prizes worth R150,000 including lingerie, Samsonite handbags and luggage, a getaway to Gwahumbe Game & Spa, as well as business mentorship, social media influencer training and spokesperson training for her personal brand.

For more information, visit www.wonderbra.co.za.