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Three Reasons Family Holiday Time is Important

There are few more personally-enhancing experiences in the world than travel. It opens your mind to new ways of thinking, humbles you by introducing you to new cultures, thrills you with new experiences and relaxes you by offering an escape from the pace of everyday modern life. And when traveling as a family, that effect is exponential – particularly on young minds.

Travel for Personal Growth

It doesn’t take a research report to show that children who spend quality time with their loved ones have increased self-esteem. Genuine and sustained interactions with parents, grandparents and caregivers inspires self-confidence because they’re secure in the knowledge that they’re cared for – and they can thrive in that safe space. They’re valued, and it shows in their ability to build relationships with others. This growth can happen anywhere that environment is created – whether it be in the family home or on a mind-expanding trip to a new place.

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Travel Creates Invaluable Memories

Some of our fondest family memories are created on holidays – a departure from the everyday, an unforgettable moment in an otherworldly setting or a lesson learned from a new culture. Research conducted by Club Med in the Asia Pacific region showed that the Top 2 reasons people travel are to relax and spend time with their loved ones. The brand’s ‘Amazing Family’ program is geared towards creating this ideal environment for families to come together and bond while taking a break from the realities of everyday life.

Built around the concept of creating lasting memories through family activities, the Amazing Family program aims to create an environment conducive to fostering quality family time – with time at the heart of each of its five pillars. ‘Time to Move’ inspires action and exercise by accessing the vast array of included activities on offer at every Club Med resort. ‘Time to Play’ offers the chance to engage in sensory activities away from tablet screens with activities like giant board games. ‘Time to Care’ offers activities with a focus on improving environmental, natural and local awareness with local cultural experiences or family yoga classes for a fun and centring session. ‘Time to Quest’ inspires adventure, with activities like treasure hunts in and around the resort that immerse families in local experiences. The day is best capped off with ‘Time to Celebrate’, where adults become kids and children revel in a Bubble party or a Colour party, hosted in the spirit of Club Med’s traditional themed evenings.

Family Time Strengthens Bonds

Spending time together as a family can be stressful in certain situations – but by and large, spending time with those you love increases the ties between you. The bonds created by families who enjoy group activities are stronger – which can be invaluable in difficult times. Traveling long distances as a group isn’t always easy, but the family can emerge stronger on the back of the shared experience and the way everyone pulls together to make it a positive experience. In a busy modern world, time is a luxury – and dedicating that valuable time to family only increases its value. It also opens the opportunity for dialogue, with lessons to be shared across the generations.

There are no boundaries to the incredible effects that family travel can have on each member, no matter the generation. Adventure, inspiration and amazing bonding experiences, await.

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