The nature of decorating


Time spent in nature is soul soothing, and the ability to bring nature into a home has been an ambition that many homeowners have strived for over the years. We chatted to husband-and-wife team, Michael and Kylie Bornman from Durban-based Kipekee Studio who strive to fulfil a minimal, natural and beautiful aesthetic with products that are handcrafted with passion, built to last, and most importantly, made with love.

“We’re so incredibly inspired by nature, its beauty and all its forms. Moving away from a throwaway culture and in the direction of natural living in our homes and work spaces is exciting, inspiring and a beautiful gift to ourselves,” say the couple.

With many studies showing that merging nature into our indoor spaces enhances our focus and health, our homes should be spaces in which we can feel emotionally charged, excited, inspired, refreshed or soothed. With summer right around the corner Michael and Kylie share a few ideas on how to invite all things natural into your home.

Choose Wood

This is our favourite element! Incorporating raw wood accents into your home welcomes a warm ambiance and will leave you and your guests in wonderment. As furniture makers we are drawn to the natural beauty of wood and believe that bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in. Available in a variety of finishes, species and applications, wood can be incorporated into your living space through anything from flooring to ceiling beams and handcrafted furniture. Then there’s shelving, tree trunk side tables, wooden frames or a large wooden mirror, all of which can add that timber element. Pick pieces that are very minimal in style or look like they come right out of the wild. Rich wood colours and raw natural edges are beautiful, and not to mention unique.

Plants and Flowers

These days, nature finds its way into more and more interiors in its most real and natural state. Flowers and potted plants like succulents have created easy ways to bring natural appeal to your dining room, coffee, side or front foyer table. There are some lovely plants out there that require little effort to keep them going and they are usually pretty affordable to buy. Consider the fiddle leaf, succulents, mother in laws, cactus, monster leaf or herbs. Speaking of herbs, planting a herb garden in your kitchen makes them readily available, plus they bring absolute beauty to your home. Otherwise, flowers are effortlessly gorgeous ways to all that special touch. Simply pop them into a vase and voila! Even better if they’re the kind that dry out nicely and keep their beauty.

Natural Fibres

Natural fabrics and fibres are a great way to keep things fresh. Add a jute or woven rug, with a chunky wool throw to your space. Wicker or grass baskets work so well, and inspire that natural, organic energy as well, and nothing says “carefree summer” like the timeless look of the natural fibres of wicker or rattan furniture if you want to incorporate slightly larger pieces. Natural fabrics such as butter soft linens in your bedrooms, with a beautiful blanket throw, will bring a soft and comforting feel to your home, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. Bold prints or earthy tones can also be brought in by adding scatter cushions to your couches.


Personally, we love whites and creams on walls in a home. These allow you to make a room or your home come to life when you add natural elements with rich green, beige, browns or darker tones. For a quick and easy makeover, bring bold colours to your walls by painting a room with earth tones or rich warm colours which resemble storms and deep green forests, and will effectively invite a sense of nature into your home. Alternatively, there are a variety of nature-inspired wall papers that will make a statement wall in a room or bring life and beauty to an entire room in your home.

Natural Elements

Stone, concrete, clay, glass and metals are some of the most popular natural elements of nature. Ever grab a shell from a beach, or a pretty stone from a stream? We’re not ones for hoarding, but every home needs that trinket shelf of beautiful natural finds. Invest in a gorgeous Himalayan salt lamp or clay pot plants, as these are a beautiful and affordable ways to bring natural elements into your space. Another idea is to use ceramic crockery that is available in so many beautiful unique designs. Glass comes in all shapes and sizes. You can bring this element into your home as a statement vase if you like.

Inspired artwork

Displaying a stunning painting or photo of a landscape made by your favourite local artist can liven up any room in your home. Not only will this piece be beautiful because it’s locally made, but it will remain a sentimental focal element because you are personally drawn and it might have a bigger story to tell.

Think of natural tones and textures, and blending the two. Have fun and be inspired by the outdoors, don’t hold back!