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An inspiring coffee table book

And here it is… Renowned Durban documentary photographer, author and speaker, Matthew Willman, has launched his latest book, 22 Years – an extraordinary visual account of his lifelong passion to engage with the world.

Having worked in 42 countries, Matthew has had the pleasure of being commissioned to photograph countless people of influence including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 12 presidents, Annie Lennox, eight Nobel Laureates and a host of sports personalities, musicians, politicians and philanthropists.

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Perhaps one of his greatest achievements was being commissioned to archive and document the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

In 22 Years, Matthew presents, for the first time under one title, a collective of more than 280 images selected from his years as an around-the-world photographer. The book is available exclusively at www.matthewwillman.co.za/books/ for R350.


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