Ready, steady … Glow!


This summer is all about  radiant and glowing skin… forget matte… add a touch of bronzer and walk out the door with a natural sun-kissed look. We chatted to Image Consultant and Mrs South Africa 2020 Top 10 finalist,  Zanele Kamwendo, who is also Mrs Photogenic, to find out how to look gorgeous all summer long.

Despite being partially deaf, Zanele holds an Electrical Engineering qualification, a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration and runs her own business in Kloof called, Sparkle Image Consulting through which she strives to empower women to exude confidence, dignity and self-love.

“I’ve always believed that less is more. Women need to embrace their own unique and beautiful features and highlight these in subtle ways. Summer is my absolute favourite season because it gives us all a natural glow if we spend a little time in the outdoors. For those who don’t, going to the gym and sweating it out gives your skin a natural glow from within. This is something that I do as often as I can. It is so important to balance an active lifestyle with good skincare and good nutrition – they all depend on each other to create a happier, healthier you.”

You are what you eat… This doesn’t only apply to your body but your skin as well. Reduce your fat and sugar intake and increase your water, raw fruit and vegetable intake. This works wonders for me, and when I don’t follow this principle, my skin lets me know!

Do skin treatments regularly… This is very important. DIY homecare products and treatments are meant for maintenance, but we have to let the pros handle the real stuff. I absolutely love Skin Renewal Medical Aesthetic Clinics, as they have in-house doctors who assess your skin and then recommend a treatment which is then done by a qualified and friendly therapist.

Know your skin type and use the right products… Every product is made to address different skin needs – sensitive, dry, oily, pigmentation, ageing etc. Ensure you are using the correct range for your skin type. For me, the Lamelle Luminesce Skincare range takes care of mine, as it addresses hyper pigmentation and evens my skin complexion. It’s not oily for my combination skin, therefore moisturises it well. I use this complementary with my Lamelle Brighter Concentrate Serum, which I apply after cleansing and before my moisturiser.

Never sleep with makeup on… or without cleansing your skin, no matter how tired you may be.

Eye therapy… At this point in my life, and with my 28-hour schedule, my eyes need a little help, so I use NeoStrata Intensive Eye Therapy. It lifts and tones, smoothes lines and reduces puffiness. I also ensure that I wear glasses with anti-glare when I work long periods on the laptop or phone, to reduce eye strain. A good volumising and lengthening mascara keeps you looking awake and flatters the eyes.

Always wear sunscreen… Even on overcast days and even if you have dark skin. This is the best investment for your skin, and it will thank you in the years to come. My personal favourite is the Lamelle Helase with SPF 50, a revolutionary photo-protection product that can also repair damage caused by recent sun exposure.

Sunglasses honey… Nothing says superstar like a good pair of sunglasses. I spend more on Classics, and buy a variety of trendy ones which Brentoni avails at great prices, allowing me to stay trendy.

Frame your face through your brows… Never underestimate the power of the brow! They say brows introduce you before you even speak, so be sure to shape and keep them tidy. Threading gives a lasting effect. Whatever you do, don’t use a black pencil on your brow, even if your hair colour is black. Rather use dark brown. Stay close to your hair colour – for blondes and lightly coloured hair, lighter shades of brown are fine. I prefer applying brown powder in brush strokes using an angled brush as it softens the face up.

Prime you r skin before applying makeup… A good primer allows the foundation to be applied evenly to the skin, and Catrice’s Ten!Sational Primer is a dream! It glides on giving you a radiant look.

Keep it light and radiant… I add a dash of Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation (Gold) to my foundation for a natural sheen, and apply it lightly (makeup should not be heavy on the skin). Couple this with a bronzer in the hollow of your cheeks for that sun-kissed look, and then set lightly with translucent powder. Highlight your cheek bones, forehead and centre of your nose using Catrice’s Light up the Stars Highlighter Palette and you’ll give yourself a divine glow!

Invest in a good set of tools… Your tools determine the final outlook. The original Beautyblender Makeup Sponge, and a good set of brushes, is the difference that makes a difference. Blending is key for the eyes. Real Techniques and MAC have good brushes for everyday use.

Pick a pretty palette… Eyeshadow with good pigment works wonders. Kryolan has a Gorgeous Glow Palette Range for different skin tones which I love! I’m also a fan of Catrice’s StarGame Palette which has 21 colours to choose from.