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This hostage drama will keep you turning the pages

WE’RE looking forward to chilling this weekend – we need it after the Black Friday madness – with a glass of something refreshing (why pretend… it’s wine!), some nibbles and a good book!

This weekend we’re getting stuck into  Not Child’s Play, a real-life gripping tale of Dave Muller and his family who set sail for Mozambique back in 1990 on a yacht he’d built himself.  Their dream holiday is smashed when the yacht runs aground on the beach near Bazaruto Islands and while waiting for high tide, a patrol of five Renamo child soldiers, armed with AK47s arrive, along with two adult captives. The young soldiers ransack the yacht and take Dave,his two children and wife hostage.  Later that night the two captives are killed by the child soldiers and the Muller family’s nightmare begins.  They spend 49 days with their captors before a covert operation by the SA Navy and Navy Seals sees them rescued in dramatic fashion. The book also includes a collection of photographs.

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Find it at your nearest bookstore now!

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