Beautiful Rugs for any space with Block & Chisel’s new collection


Rugs have become an essential décor element in any home, ticking boxes for both beautifying a space and bringing added practicality to any room.

Block & Chisel’s new rug collection will add a stunning sensory delight to your interiors this summer.

Go for irresistible plushness with a blue or grey Pyramid Rug or choose the playful pink Novi Rugs, add island chic with a stripy Jute or versatile Natural rug or have fun with the  lovely round Braided rugs in rainbow, black/white or blue.

Remember to always choose a rug in an accent colour to pull the room together and pair it with metals or rich blacks to bring out the accent colour.  You can also add some fun to your space with a Round Braided Rug, available in four styles, including the bright and colourful multi-coloured version that is a firm favourite for summer!

Priced from R1495, you can view the full range here: