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Changing lives one scarf at a time

What better way to celebrate summer fashion than with an accessory designed to create jobs, stimulate creativity, and change lives for the better? We’d love to introduce you to our latest find, the Lalela Scarf – a luxury fashion brand that supports a non-profit arts education programme for at-risk youth in South Africa.

It’s apparel with purpose – scarves made of different, quality fabrics like cotton, silk, cashmere and wool blends, that are not only striking, but come with a passionate heart, because the gorgeous designs that give The Lalela Scarf such vibrant appeal have been created using the original artworks of learners from Lalela – an after-school programme that aims to empower children through art.

New York-based co-founder and creative director, Sandy Tabatznik, whose roots are South African, curates each seasonal collection of scarves by drawing on standout paintings and then adapting their format.

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And while they’re pretty pricey (scarves retail for around R1,900 and up, and the pocket squares for R400), they certainly make for wow-factor shopping with a responsible cultural impact, because a large percentage of the proceeds go towards Lalela, which to date supports 5000 children not only across South Africa, but Uganda and Zimbabwe as well.

The Lalela Scarf latest collection features a wardrobe of truly gorgeous scarves, pocket squares, bandanas and leather bags – must-haves for fashion-forward women, counterculture aficionados, businessmenabout-town, or on-trend under13s.

Locally, you’ll find Lalela Scarves at selected retail outlets and online at
www.thelalelascarf.co.za or www.thelalelascarf.org

You can also contact Heidi McCormack on [email protected] to order or for enquiries.

PHOTO CREDITS: Katinka Bester

Refresh your look with a summer scarf

Whether you have a Lalela Scarf or you’ve got a shelf full of summer scarves begging to be worn, a scarf is one accessory that can make even the simplest outfit feel fresh, and there are so many fun and creative ways to wear them.

With flair Add a colourful or patterned scarf to a swingy, solid coloured summer dress. Tie it around your neck with the point in front.

Necktie style An easy outfit of distressed denim shorts and a white t-shirt is more stylish when you add a scarf, worn necktie-style.

Pretty pastels A pretty pastel summer scarf wrapped casually around your neck adds feminine colour to classic wardrobe items, like a retro-style sundress.

Poolside accessory When you’re strolling around the pool or on the beach in your cozzie, create a fashionable effect by wrapping a colourful scarf around your waste.

Layer it A lightweight summer scarf makes a pretty top layer for a tank top.

Decorated ponytails Fold a silk scarf into a long cylinder and use it to wrap the base of ponytails and buns, to create a simple and pretty summer hairstyle.

With an off-the-shoulder top An off-the-shoulder top can leave your collarbone looking bare. Adorn your neck with a brightly patterned silk scarf, knotted at the front, with the ends flying free.

Accessorize your purse Tying a scarf on your purse is a great way to update and add colour to a basic outfit.

Brighten it up White outfits are fresh and cute for summer, but can do with a bit of colour by looping a long silk scarf once around your neck, and letting the long tails swing.

Add fashion cred Give basic jeans and a tank top a boost by wearing a long silk scarf looped twice around your neck, make a knot in front, and let the ends dangle prettily.

Headband Fashion your own hair accessory with a pretty scarf. Roll it into a cylinder, wrap it around your head, and knot either at the top or at your nape.

Don’t be too dark Dressing in black is easy and chic, but can look a bit serious in summertime, so lighten it up by draping a long, silky scarf over your shoulders.

Hat’s on Add pizzazz to a floppy summer hat by tying a pretty silk scarf around it, and knotting it in a fluffy bow.

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