Gardener gifts

Here are a list of books ideal for any green-fingered loved one.

Veggies and fruit. Nuts and herbs. Spices and edible flowers. There’s a massive trend globally towards growing your own … and Grow Your Own is a hugely comprehensive, practical guide. Written by two well respected South African garden gurus, JJ van Rensurg and Tinus Oberholzer, this book really does cover absolutely everything you need to know, presented in a style that will please beginners as well as those with more established green thumbs. A great gift for a gardening friend. Briza, R350.

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Keith Kirsten and horticulture are inseparable. Happily, his best-known book, Gardening with Keith Kirsten, fully revised and updated, has just hit the shelves … perfectly timed for Christmas.I recognition of the importance of gardening in harmony with nature, this fourth edition has more info on indigenous species, locally-bred hybrids and waterwise plants. In addition to sections on garden design, maintenance, as well as dealing with pests and diseases, the bulk of the book consists of directories with comprehensive details about growing more than 2000 plants (trees, shrubs, creepers … you name it). It’s the prefect pressie for a garden enthusiast, or you could treat yourself? Struik Lifestyle, R350.


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