5 tips to love your body


Magazines, social media and movies bombard us with images of perfect people doing perfect things that can make us feel bad about ourselves, opening the door to doubt and insecurity.  We’ve put together eight tips to take control of our thoughts and actions and help us learn to love our bodies. 

  1. Clothes make you feel good

When you wear an outfit you love it shows! You ooze confidence, walk taller and strut your style like it’s nobody’s business!  So, don’t hide under those sweatpants and stretched T-shirt, wear the clothes in your closet that reflect who you are, clothes that make you smile and make you feel good.  Now’s the time to go through your closet and chuck out those clothes that you avoid wearing, or that make you feel uncomfortable when you wear them.  And if needs be … some retail therapy to add a couple of items you love to your wardrobe is perfectly in order!

  1. Be positive

It’s far easier to focus on the negative than the positive, but it you want to love your body you have to flip the switch. Sit down and write down a list of all the positive things you love about your body .. maybe you have gorgeous eyes, great hair, beautifully shaped feet,  luscious lips.  Every time you start feeling down and doubtful, take out the list and be reminded of how awesome you are!

  1. Forget the number

You are more than a number on the scale, or a size label on your jeans, or the number of likes on your profile pic on social media.  Numbers are limiting, they don’t say how healthy you are, how happy you are or how you positively impact on people around you. Numbers also don’t measure how capable you are of achieving goals you set for yourself.  So, dump the bathroom scale, buy clothes that fit you well and don’t beat yourself up about what you think others may be thinking.  Be guided by how you feel instead.

  1. Be aware of body shaming triggers

Ever noticed how you could be feeling great about yourself and then suddenly you hear or see something that sends your positive body image spiralling down a drain? Next time it happens take note – that’s your body shaming trigger.  It could be something you see on social media, a magazine image, or something you hear in conversation.  Once you are aware of your triggers remind yourself that that magazine or social media pic has been heavily photo-shopped and manipulated,  and is portrayed better than it really is.  Remove these types of triggers from your life and once they’re gone, you can focus on loving your body without the filtered images and unrealistic expectations.  Afterall, your far more real and awesome!

  1. Enjoy exercise

Exercise is not about losing weight, it’s about following a healthy lifestyle. Don’t force your body to do something you hate, do something you enjoy.  So if going to gym is not something you enjoy then try something else … dancing, walking or an aerobics class.  When you find something you enjoy, you’ll look forward to the exercise and you’ll be having fun and getting healthy.