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Don’t get caught with outstanding traffic fines

THE last thing you want to have to worry about before embarking on your summer holiday roadtrip is being caught in a roadblock with outstanding traffic fines.

If you have failed to pay a traffic fine by its due date and have failed to appear in court for a criminal summons, a warrant is usually issued for your arrest. This arrest may take place at any time that you come across an officer in possession of that warrant. While police at roadblocks may not be in possession of the warrant, they can use license plate or ID number recognition technology to check whether you have outstanding fines.

While the police cannot demand payment for outstanding traffic fines on the spot, there have been instances in which motorists were arrested because the officers were able to identify that a warrant was out for the driver’s arrest. While motorists have a number of rights they may exercise in this instance, the best advice is to ensure that this type of stressful situation is avoided altogether.

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Fines SA makes it easy to settle your traffic fines conveniently, and with a discount of up to 20%!  Formerly known as Mekaish Traffic Fine Management, Fine SA offers a central database for checking outstanding fines.  All you have to do is  visit www.finesSA.co.za and register your ID number and contact information by completing the form on the home page. You will receive a comprehensive quote with your outstanding fines within 24-48 hours of registering, along with details of the discounts negotiated for you by Fines SA. Alternatively, send your ID number, name, cellphone number and email address to [email protected].
Fines SA will send you regular traffic fine infringement reports once you have registered on the platform.
You can make payment via cash, EFT, Snapscan or Zapper, after which you will receive an electronic receipt.

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