6 supplements for optimum health


Forget about spending hours in the supplement aisle overwhelmed by the vast options of supplements available and unsure of what you should add to your diet for optimum health.  We’ve narrowed down our top six supplements you should take daily.

#1 Vitamin B12

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, weak and exhausted, you probably need a dose of B12.  This vitamin is vital for the well-being of your nervous system and ensures the production of DNA and RNA, the building blocks of every cell in your body.   Vitamin B12 is readily available in meat, so for those of you who follow plant based diets, a B12 supplement is a health must-have.

#2 Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps build strong bones and adds some oomph to your immune system. It improves muscle strength and combats inflammation. It’s not possible to get all the vitamin D your body needs solely from foods, you need supplements and sunshine as well.  Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels and recommend the appropriate dosage for your needs.

#3 Magnesium

The body needs magnesium in large amounts – at least 100mg per day.  Magnesium is found in shrimps, bananas, leafy greens, almonds and sunflower seeds. If you’re taking it in supplement form, check with your doctor first because it can react negatively with certain medicines.  Magnesium is necessary to maintain healthy bones and helps the body absorb calcium. It improves the metabolisation of carbs and glucose and lowers the risk of developing diabetes. It also helps maintain your muscles, including your heart and is said to help reduce headaches and feelings of anxiety.

#4 Multivitamin

Just like your car’s oil needs to be changed regularly so too does your body run better with a multivitamin. Even if you follow a healthy eating lifestyle, you will still benefit from a multivitamin which provides the nutrients our bodies lack or need in substantial amounts.

#5 Omega-3s

Found largely in fish oil, these fatty acids boost brain function and improve heart health. They’re great for enhancing your attention span, mood and er…um…. memory! They also fight inflammation and improve joint health, promote better vision, stronger skin, hair and nails and improve metabolic functioning and help your body absorb nutrients.

#6 Turmeric

This natural spice is definitely on our list of superfoods. It has a strong taste so it’s best to add it to foods like smoothies, soups and of course curries – afterall, it gives curry its yellow colouring.  Taken as a supplement, Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Turmeric’s main active ingredient is curcumin which is great for brain health and improves its functionality.  It has also has a role in fighting heart disease and helps regulate blood pressure and blood clotting.

But there’s more …

Of course, you still need a healthy diet,  consistent exercise routine and enough sleep to as well as your daily supplements to ensure you perform at your best both physically and mentally