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Colour trends for 2020

Your home is your sanctuary – it sets the mood you begin the day with and the tone of the welcome you return too, and when it comes to designing your own personal space, colour can be a defining and expressive element. Creative Director for Decorex Africa,  Anita Bloom, shares the colour trends we can expect to see in 2020.

“The colours for 2020 are inspired by nature and our desire to reconnect with nature on a constant basis. There is no doubt that botanical colours will be the favourite for the seasons to come.”

Neo Mint and Seafoam Green are gender-neutral colours with a fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature. We’ll see this in many different spaces in the home, kitchens, bathrooms and living areas as we embrace the calming effect it has on our day-to-day lives.

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Mellow Yellow Yellow is the colour of the creatives, and this toned-down shade is no different. After the Gen-Z yellow trend, Mellow Yellow brings the enthusiasm and cheerfulness of the former without the high energy. Revamp old wooden chairs to brighten up your dining area or paint a feature wall in your living space.

Cantaloupe  is inspired by the depth and richness of terracotta, Cantaloupe can bring encouragement and motivation. Natural hues amaze and delight providing fabulous inspirations for modern interior design cool schemes. A soft undertone of bright orange, lighter shades of red and honey yellow. Having a broad and fashionable appeal due to its melon-like appearance, this exceptionally versatile colour is a cross between earthy and pastel tones. Beautiful for bathrooms, or mixed with electric blue is a great way to liven up your office reception.

Statement Blue can be used to create bold and unique interior spaces, bringing confidence and clarity to the home. This colour evokes the serenity of an open sky and the profundity of a boundless ocean. Mixed with soft neutrals, beige tints add a tranquil feel to any room in your home.

Purist Blue inspires mental clarity. Inspired by the depth of the sea and vastness of the sky – both icons of desire everyone universally understands, Purist Blue is an optimistic shade that doesn’t awake emotions – it’s an emotion in its own right. This colour translates beautifully in a bedroom space, as well as a bright airy living space, and pairs well with soft natural colours such as beige, brown or brighter pops of electric blue and black.

Beige A new trend in terms of colour for the walls, seems to be that of beige. It is a very light beige hue. Beige seems to have taken the place of white on the walls of the houses, even in the Nordic style where white has always been the first choice. Do you dream of living a simple, uncomplicated life? Adopting a less-is-more approach, Beige inspires us to move towards a more conscious existence filled with smart living. Styling tip – the key to beautiful, minimal interiors is to ensure there is just the right amount of texture. Bring this in through furniture materials such as rattan and textiles in styling.


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