Home Lifestyle & Travel Fashion Here comes the sun! Lanzerac have launched an exclusive new swimwear range.

Here comes the sun! Lanzerac have launched an exclusive new swimwear range.

Summer and swimwear go hand in hand. Which is why the luxurious Lanzerac have just launched two exclusive swimwear collections to welcome the hotter months in sunny South Africa.

Designed by Stellenbosch-based fashion designer Danielle Margaux, each collection is inspired by the elegant look and feel of the historic estate. The swimwear has been created with the Lanzerac guest in mind; someone who embodies the brand’s essence of class, sophistication and understated elegance.

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Each piece is unique and locally manufactured in Cape Town using only the best imported fabrics, which made Danielle Margaux the perfect designer for the job. Margaux has been creating custom-designed pieces for over a decade, prior to which she was mentored under KLûK CGDT, Paul van Zyl, Errol Arendz and Gavin Rajah – all fashion royalty in South Africa. Having honed her skills and cemented her place as a top designer in her own right – plus being familiar with, and having a penchant for, the estate itself – the collaboration was a natural fit.

Commenting on this new offering, Emile Langenhoven, General Manager at Lanzerac, said, “We are always trying to think of additional ways to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable. We also wanted to be able to provide those who may have forgotten their swimwear, the chance to fully enjoy the Lanzerac experience and all our amenities. The range is inspired by the tapestry of colour that is found throughout the estate, which means that it also creates the perfect opportunity for our guests to take home a little bit of Lanzerac, allowing them to enjoy the memories of their stay long after they have left.”

The two collections – the Signature Collection and the Fashion Collection – each consist of swimwear for both men and women, with only their design inspiration and prints differing. The Signature Collection was inspired by the Lanzerac brand aesthetics that are subtly and subliminally visible throughout the hotel – part of its identity for many years. The inspiration for the Fashion Collection was drawn from the blue and white wallpaper in one of the spa treatment rooms, as well as Lanzerac’s history as the first SA estate to produce Pinotage. The result: unique and chic prints that include vine leaves, Oak leaves, squirrels and owls.

While the Signature Collection will remain as is, the Fashion Collection will be ever-changing, says Margaux, “but the look will always capture the unique style of Lanzerac and most definitely not follow mainstream fashion. For the team, the design represents more than just a swimming costume but rather a lifestyle. It is what the brand embodies; the exclusivity and the unique prints which makes a piece from the two collections so desirable to own.”

Each item is exclusively available to in-house guests and day visitors at the Lanzerac Spa.

It’s time to make a splash in style in the ultimate swimming apparel!

For more information about the collections and each item within the range, contact [email protected] or 021 887 1132.




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