A face mask designed to care for your skin


Following the success of their Even Tone skin care range, proudly South African cosmetic and toiletries brand, Bramley recently extended their product offering by introducing the NEW 3-in-1 Mask to their Even Tone range.

Designed to deeply cleanse the skin, fight blemishes and control shine, all whilst promoting an even toned skin, the multi-purpose 3-in-1 product acts as a facial cleanser, exfoliator and mask. Whilst the gentle cleanser helps to remove dirt, make up and pollution, the exfoliator, packed with apricot seeds, helps to remove dead and flaky skin. The mask absorbs impurities and helps to unclog blocked pores, thus protecting the skin against harmful germs and bacteria. After regular use, skin appears firmer and more toned.

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Enriched with Kaolin clay, a non-comedogenic which has the ability to clear skin and absorb excess sebum without stripping the skins natural oils, Kaolin clay is also effective at removing bacteria and traces of dead skin cells. Calming properties help to sooth inflamed and irritated skin. Ideal to use as a cleanser and/or exfoliator for sensitive skin types, Kaolin clay stimulates skin cells and over time, with regular use, can offer a firmer more toned appearance.

Designed to care for and promote an even skin tone and formulated with a blend of selected vitamins – C, E, A, B5, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), oil control ingredients and Bio-Pharm oil, the Even Tone range for normal and oily skin helps replace lost ceramides in the skin (which in turn helps the epidermis to remain supple, smooth and moisturised thus reducing dehydration), lightens dark spots, reduces impurities that lead to problem skin and prevents blemishes, resulting in younger and healthier looking skin. With skin-tone healing properties, the vitamin complex helps restore elastin and collagen that has been damaged, repairs and protects the skin tissue, and is responsible for forming skin cells properly.

Also known as vitamin B, Niacinamide PC is an essential ingredient for innovative skin care products and the most important active ingredient used in the Even Tone range. With excellent skin penetration capabilities, Niacinamide PC helps to keep the skin moisturised by increasing keratin synthesis and stimulating epidermal proteins that support and strengthen the skin barrier function. It also helps normalize the skin by balancing ceramide* and fatty acids whilst helping reduce the appearance of acne by clearing and controlling skin blemishes while keeping skin irritation at bay and soothing sensitive skin. Furthermore, it improves the appearance of aging skin by stimulating new elastin fibres and collagen. By inhibiting the transfer of melanosomes from deeper skin layers to the upper epidermis, new dark spots coming to the surface are prevented and an even-looking skin tone is achieved.

With Bramley’s Even Tone range, you can enjoy a daily facial in the comfort of your own home by following these simple steps:

To cleanse, start out by using the Facial Soap bar, followed by the NEW 3-in-1 Mask (R 25.99) to exfoliate dead skin cells. Once complete, use the Face Care Lotion to remove excess oil and last but not least, for an instant matte look, finish off with the Vanishing Cream.

CLEANSING: Bramley’s Even Tone Facial Soap Bar (R 13.99) is mild and gentle. The soft, silky lather and rich moisture gently cleanse the skin and helps open up clogged pores, reduce oiliness and protect the skin against harmful germs.

TONING: The Face Care Lotion (R 16.99) acts as a toner by helping to remove oil build-up and impurities (that can lead to problem skin) and shrinks pores, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and radiant.

MOISTURISING: Designed to care for the skin and promote an even skin tone, the Vanishing Cream (R 19.99) helps control excessive oiliness, evens out and brighten skin tone.

Available at selected PEP stores.