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Polarized Sunglasses: Are They Worth It?

Definitely! Summer’s here to stay and it means more sun-filled hours spent outdoors. This would also be a great time to beef up your eye gear. They are, after all, the central summer-staple. But first, let’s start the most important question; which pair of sunglasses for summer would offer you the best eye care and why?

The straightforward answer would be polarized sunglasses. A pair that covers your eyes and surrounding soft skin tissue around them.

What are polarized sunglasses and how do they work?

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Quite simply put, polarized sunglasses use special technology to minimize the glare caused by light reflecting off flat and smooth surfaces.

Who needs them?

If you’ve ever found yourself squinting against the light when leaving a building and stepping into direct sunlight, or experienced discomfort while driving, then you will benefit from polarized sunglasses.

How do they work?

By using chemicals, a laminate film is patterned onto the lenses during production. One that only allows vertically oriented light waves to pass. Put simply, polarized lenses work much like a window-blind.

Now that you’re settled on the type of sunglasses you need for summer, let’s have a look at which styles you’d choose.

Summer styles for the big ’20 (Sunglasses trends for 2020)

  1. Retro 90s sunglasses

Just because they’re small, it doesn’t mean they don’t offer any protection, a well-designed pair will have you protected and looking great simultaneously.

  1. Mirrored lens sunnies

Following their re-emergence in the summer of 2017 – mirrored lenses have proven they’re here to stay. They’re protective and have since proven they can be classy too.

  1. Clear lensed-sunnies

If ever there were a pair of sunglasses that screamed sophistication it would be these. On second thoughts; sophistication doesn’t scream, it whispers… in this case, it can still be found embodied in these sunglasses.

  1. Re-imagined Aviators:

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, aviator sunglasses keep coming back. Somehow, this season they seem to have taken on new heights, with a slight curvature, and some doting a thicker, more pronounced beam, aviator frames have won our hearts once more.

  1. Pastel Tinted Sunglasses

If reimagined aviators are the phoenix, then this season’s pastel-tinted sunglasses are the “Dragon to the Koi fish”. Emerging in the 60s, these were better known in their original rose-coloured form. Through time, innovative designers have added an array of colours to choose from. From baby-blue to green and burnt orange – pastel sunnies come in all shades and frames.

How to keep them clean?

Because polarized lenses are made from specialized material, you should follow a strict routine. Cleaning tissue-wipes are perhaps the best recommendation for cleaning eyeglasses, but should this not be within the realms of possibility then we’ve got a few hints for you:

Rinse your lenses under lukewarm water:

  • This is strictly for longevity as hot water may be defectively decreasing the lifespan of your lenses and extremely hot water may damage or distort the plastic.

Add a dash of rubbing alcohol, dish soap or an eyeglass solution:

  • Add a dash of dish soap, alcohol (not the drinking kind) or eyeglass solution. Apply to the lenses and rub lightly. Rinse again with lukewarm water.

Air dry & shine using a microfiber cloth:

  • After air-drying the lenses and ridding them of any excess liquid, use a microfiber cloth to add the finishing touches.

Now that you’re well-schooled in the art of polarized lenses, you can let the summer festivities commence. Go forth and conquer, but make sure you don’t leave the house without your shades.

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