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Make a change for the environment

After Tracey Martin took part in a beach clean-up with her two sons and came face-to-face with the mountain of plastic that had washed ashore, she knew single-use plastic was a problem she could no longer ignore.

“The idea that plastic will likely outweigh sea life in the ocean by 2050 frightens me. Currently the equivalent of 2 million elephants enters the ocean in the form of plastic each year!”

Shocked by how great the problem was, Tracey, who says she has always leaned towards natural ways of living, decided she had to do something and Natural Life was born.

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“I was inspired to establish a business making re-useable and largely plastic-free alternatives affordable and readily available to all South Africans” she said, adding that since establishing Natural Life, she has added a variety of natural products to the range including soaps and hand and body creams.”

“The notion that someone else is responsible for environmental issues is one of the biggest threats to our future on Earth. We all have a part to play in securing the future of the Earth.”

Tracey’s advice on making changes in your own life is to start small.  “If you can only change one thing right now then change your mindset from one of convenience to one of protecting our home.”

“This is the biggest challenge but once overcome, you have the power to make a difference.  Practically though, start with one small conscious change (such as switching from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one) and before you know it you will have made further positive changes with very little effort.

Natural Life products are as waste-free and environmentally friendly as possible.  “When selecting our product range we consider quality, affordability and the environmental/physical impact.”

“Most of the products we offer are vegan – even our glycerine soaps and hand and body creams are plant-based. These are locally made in KZN by an accredited aromatherapist and are not tested on animals, are paraben free and the mozzie spray is Deet free.”

Shop online – www.naturallife.co.za

For stockists of the range visit  https://naturallife.co.za/pages/stockists

For Wholesale and Corporate Gifting Opportunities feel free to contact Tracey as below.

Follow Natural Life on Instagram and Facebook at naturallife.co.za

Email – [email protected]

Tracey Cell: 074 898 2549

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