The Brow-volution


From thin pencil drawn brows to thick natural brows and everything in between, the evolution of brows has certainly been notable. While some styles are short lived (remember the barbed wire brows or the squiggly brows? Yikes!) while others keep making a comeback. Yuvati Shah, owner of the award-winning Spa Royale at the Royal Palm Hotel, Umhlanga goes through the ‘Brow-Volution’ throughout the decades.

1950’s: The pointed arch

Housewives were supposed to be demure and submissive, but the eyebrows trend during that decade was anything but soft. Perhaps the eyebrow trend during the 50’s was a silent revolt against being a housewife? Who knows! One woman who rested the housewife stereotype was African American singer, dancer and actress Lena Horne. She was well known for her activism and gorgeous naturally pointed eyebrows.

1960’s: The full brow

This was the counterculture era. During this decade, young people turned traditions and trends on their heads. You can’t talk about eyebrows in the 60’s (or any other era since) without mentioning Audrey Hepburn. Known for her full brows, Hepburn’s au-natural brows was iconic. With a slight arch toward the top and a straight cut towards the bottom, Hepburn’s eyebrows really were perfect.

1970’s: The sharp arch

The Beyoncé of her time, Diana Ross blew people away with her big hair, long eyelashes, sparkly makeup and outfits as well as her thin sharply arched eyebrows. Beyond a beauty icon, Ross was a role model for many African American women. Both she and her brows were beyond her time.

1980’s: The bushy brow

The 80’s mark yet another return to the fuller, natural brow. Throughout the 80’s the eyebrow trends got bushier and bushier. This look was about embracing your natural beauty. Vocal powerhouse Whitney Houston was well known for rocking out and rocking her bushy brows and rosy cheekbones. We will always love you and your brows.

1990’s: The skinny brow

The 90’s set a harsher tone for brow trends. The lip liner got darker and so did the brows. The last decade of the 20th century experienced a return of the thinner brow. Raps original queen bee Lil Kim wore a thinner, perfectly arched brow in her live performances and music videos.

2000’s: The pencil brow

With a new millennium came a new brow – the pencil brow. The use of the pencil was nothing new, but the style of the brow was extremely thin and perfectly shaped. This was an era when eyebrow waxing became extremely popular, and in most cases waxing off an excessive amount of hair was in. Singer, song-writer Gwen Stefani was more than just a girl with her trendy brows.

2010’s: The faded brow

The faded brow was exactly what it sounds like; it starts off thin and gradually fades into a darker shade. That particular brow trend was more about having brows that best suited your face, rather than a certain shape. This may have been thinner or thicker based on what looked more natural. Makeup guru’s snatched the faded eyebrow trend and slayed it worldwide.

As with all trends, the good ones will continue to return time and time again. It would be very interesting to see what brow trend everyone will be following this decade! Watch this space.

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