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Brighten up your living space

Used in a variety of authentic foods, the fiery cayenne pepper can kick any dish up a notch. It does the same in home design. With its zesty red-orange hue, the colour of cayenne looks rich and gorgeous when paired with the right mix of other warm or contrast colours, and can really brighten up your living space.

Bright and bold

Are you a fan of plum or lavender? You can give your bedroom a vibrant facelift using plum and lavender tones paired with a deep red-orange. Think bed linen, curtains, scatters or even simple elements like a single rug and some candles.

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When paired with animal prints and plaids, cayenne can take on a rustic tone. Best suited to an outdoorsy entertainment area, the woodsy feel of the space, when meshing cayenne and animal print, can make you feel as though you are as close as… to a real nature reserve.

Bohemian blues

If blue is for you and you’ve already got it on your walls, why not mix this cool colour with the warmth of spicy cayenne by reupholstering some ottomans in a zesty red-orange hue to enhance the eclectic look of your space. If you’ve got a blank canvas to work with then buy yourself two new burnt orange-coloured ottomans and paint your walls ombre using blue and white.

Pillow on sofa decoration interior – Vintage Film Filter

Contemporary farmhouse

If you live in an old done-up farm house or cottage styled home, complement the rustic, farmhouse-inspired elements of a kitchen, bar or entertainment area with barstools with orange leather upholstery that can bridge the gap between two design styles.

Colour bursts

In a mostly neutral room, a bold cayenne piece, like a bright orange couch (or even an old couch with a bright orange throw) can add a burst of eye-catching colour.


The bathroom should never be neglected, especially if you are one to entertain a lot. If you have a typically plain bathroom in soothing shades of white, cream and or beige, bring in a red-orange vanity or washing basket that adds a shot of bold colour to the space. You might find an old vanity at hospice or a cheap wicker laundry basket from your favourite local home store, and you can coat it with the perfect shade of cayenne.

Energize your entrance

If you have the liberty to paint your front door, then coat it in cayenne orange, especially if the exterior of your home has a neutral palette.

Spice up your kitchen

Even in small doses, cayenne can make a big impact on a room. You could tie-dye your kitchen curtains to add a splash of colour to a white kitchen, use a fiery orange vase for the kitchen or dining room table, or add sweet citrus scents and pops of colour to a neutral dining area with candles and orange spiced potpourri.


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