13 tips to help you survive and thrive during lockdown


With the lockdown period extended to the end of April 2020, it is imperative for businesses to use this time wisely and plan accordingly. International award-winning business coach, Darryn Le Grange from ActionCOACH Ignite, shares thirteen action item ideas for business owners to work ON their business through this crisis.

  1. Dream chart: If you have not yet had the time, now is a great time to compile your dream chart. Remember, your business is the vehicle that will assist you in achieving your life’s dreams and goals. Encourage your family to get involved and do their own dream charts too.
  2. Vision: Spend some time getting clear on your business’ vision and make sure you find your purpose in business. Everything you and your team do should be in line with your company’s vision. Businesses with a clear purpose are almost always more successful than those without one.
  3. Learning & Development: Grow your knowledge during lockdown. Read business books, participate in webinars or sign up for an online course. Encourage your employees to learn new skills as well.
  4. Organisational Chart: Take time to look at the structure of your business currently and reassess any changes or adjustments that may need to be made. It is also advisable to forecast the structure of your business in three years’ time.
  5. E-Commerce: Does your business have an e-commerce component? If not, is this something you should consider?
  6. Digital footprint: Google your business and your industry. Do you find what you were hoping to find? Does your business feature? If not, what can you do to address this? Spend time working on building your online brand. Update your website content, work on your LinkedIn profile and write blog articles for social media.
  7. Get to know your clients: Connect with both past and present clients. Phone and/or email them to show them that you care. Be compassionate, especially if their industries are being affected. Consider sending out surveys or polls to your client base to gather information on your business and learn from the valuable feedback you receive. Above all, remember that the way you treat your customers, especially during trying times, will go a long way in reinforcing loyalty and securing customers for life.
  8. Review products & services: Make time to review and revise your products and/or services. Do you need to adjust your offering? Are there any additional products/services you could offer? Ask yourself what you could do to enhance your offering.
  9. Marketing: During tough times keep your pipeline full and don’t stop marketing and selling. Upskill yourself and grow your marketing and sales knowledge during lockdown.
  10. Review financials: Spend time comparing year on year financials. Are there any expenses that you may need to review and are there any changes that will need to be made?
  11. Standard operating procedures: Review your systems, add to them and refine them. If you have not yet had the time, now is a great time to start writing your standard operating procedures. Update your company operations manual and improve or upgrade all relevant company documents.
  12. Declutter & re-organise: Apart from your desk or home office space, spend time decluttering your digital platforms as well. Sort through your email inbox, back up your computers and organise your online files and folders.
  13. Action plan for re-opening: It is critical to work on a plan for your business for when lockdown is lifted. In order to hit the ground running you need to plan for day one, week one, month one and so on. Don’t be caught without a plan. Prepare, stay positive and turn this time into a personal and business development opportunity.

In the spirit of helping business owners during this time of crisis, ActionCOACH Founder, Brad Sugars, has compiled 10 free videos to help businesses survive and thrive during this period. To request these free, ten strategies to get you and your business through the Coronavirus economic crisis, please email Chenal at [email protected]