Keep fit during lockdown with your baby and stroller


According to doctors and professionals keeping fit is one of the most important things to do during lockdown.  Exercise will strengthen your immune system, elevate your mood and get those endorphins flowing.

Julia Downey, Active with Kids Brand Manager for Thule SA suggests these quick and simple exercises that you can do at home or outside in your garden.  The only things you need?  Your stroller and baby!

Stroller AB Rollouts

This is great to build lower body strength.  Grab your stroller at the base with your hands between the wheels.  Start in an upright kneeled position and slowly roll the stroller forward contracting your abs and extending the shoulders.  Squeeze those abs at the bottom and then roll back up to a kneeled position.

Russian Twists

A great exercise to strengthen your core and have some fun with your little one at the same time!  Hold your baby out in front of you and try not to let your legs move.  Pick two focal points on opposite sides of the room, balance on your tailbone and twist from side to side.  This is a great arm work out too depending on the weight of your babe.


Hold on to the handle of the stroller and take a wide stance with your knees and toes pointing slightly outward.  Sit your bottom back and down and bend into a squats.  Pause at the bottom and then lean into your heels before coming to a standing position.

Thule Spring

Forward Walking Lunges

Stand with your feet hip-width apart holding the handle of your stroller.  Lean forward slightly and take a step forward with your right.  Bend your right knee and drop your left knee toward the ground to lower into the lunge until your thigh is nearly parallel to the ground. Your left knee should be just above the ground, and your right knee should be directly over your ankle or just in front of it.

Front Raises

Hold your baby in front of you with with your arms fully extended, squeeze your abs and slowly raise your baby with your arms straight and elbows locked, try not to arch your back.  You’ll start to feel the burn on your arms and shoulders and what better to motivate you than the squeals of joy from your little one!