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9 Healing Herbs For Stress And Anxiety

Due to the advent of technology and modernization, mind-related disorders are much more prominent nowadays. Instead of jumping straight to prescription drugs, you must try the natural ways available. From choosing the herbal beverages to performing yoga, the natural techniques offer no side-effects. What’s even better is that you can fetch these pure medications from your garden itself. Healing herbs are straightforward to grow and provide extensive health benefits. Almost every psychiatric ailment, be it chronic anxiety or depression, is easily curable with these potent plants.

Blogger, Sophia Cooper, shares some insight to nine herbs that provide relief from stress and anxiety within seconds.

1.  Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

If you’re suffering from long-term anxiety, then a cup of chamomile tea might help. This herb possesses specific components that bind with the receptors of the brain. As a result, it instills a sense of relaxation and contentment. Other usable forms of chamomile are therapeutic oils, herbal water, and supplements. Researchers state that around 220 to 1,600 milligrams of chamomile benefits the human body. Plant this herb in your home garden and gain unlimited access to the alternative anxiety remedy.

  • It treats sleeplessness, anxiety, and excessive stress with the help of its chemical constituents.
  • It prevents muscle fatigue, tears, and irritability occurring due to strenuous exercises.
  • It cures Insomnia-like states due to generalized anxiety and depression.
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2.  Cannabis (Cannabis sativa & Cannabis indica)

When it comes to busting the stress, there are many remedies available. It contains potential compounds like CBD and THC that can aid in faster recovery from mental ailments. Start your mornings on a relaxing note with a cup of warm tea prepared from the cannabis herb or marijuana Canada. Whether it’s the chronic inflammatory conditions or uncontrollable seizures, cannabis ameliorates almost every neurological disease. Sip on some warm cannabis tea in the evening and keep the stress at bay. Here are some reasons to incorporate the herb in your diet.

  • It is a potent treatment of psychiatric diseases like psychosis and schizophrenia.
  • It can keep the stressful condition away and relieve disorders like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • It can help in neurological conditions characterized by unwanted auditory sensations and compulsive motor activity.

3.  Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Here’s a medicinal herb that embellishes your home with tiny purple-colored flowers. Lavender plant is quite popular in the therapeutic botanical world because it provides you with the potential lavender oils. The herb arises from the Mediterranean region and is universally grown. Whether it’s aromatherapy or treatment of skin affections, this herb does it all. You might use this herb for various purposes, ranging from muscular spasms, anxiety, and degenerative nerve conditions.

  • Use the lavender oil for anxiolytic, anesthetic, and mood-stabilizing purposes.
  • It can treat the degenerative and demyelinating disorders of the nervous system.
  • Experimental evidence suggests the herb be useful in excessive aggressiveness and stressful conditions.

4.  Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)

This medicinal herb is a must for your backyard garden. You can utilize the entire plant for health-related purposes. While the flowers help in treating lung affections, the leaves possess excellent antimalarial properties. Due to high nutritional value, this plant also helps in preparation as well as an embellishment of homely meals. Don’t forget to add the leaves in your morning tea for a refreshing start.

  • The herb has curative properties in case of stress-related disorders like PTSD, depression, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
  • Its antimicrobial and anti-insulin effects help in the prevention of both infections, as well as high blood glucose levels.
  • Its anti-aging benefits boost the immune system and fetch the ability to fight off lethal pathogens.

5.  Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

If you think that oregano’s utility is limited to topping the Italian dishes only, then you’re wrong. Origanum vulgare possesses specific therapeutic properties that are incomparable to other similar herbs. From enhancing the taste of your cheesy lasagna to imparting a sense of contentment in depressed people, this plant can do multiple things. What’s even better is that it contains high levels of Vitamin K. Just a tablespoon of oregano can fetch 10% of your daily vitamin K requirements.

  • Oregano is rich in antioxidants like thymol, which removes the harmful free radicals.
  • Bioactive polyphenols help in preventing anxiety disorders like OCD, GAD, and depression.
  • Mood related ailments like bipolar disorder undergo amelioration with the help of oregano oils.

6.  Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis)

Belonging to the Asian continent, Valerian Root contains chemical constituents like valerenic acid and isovaleric acid. You can also use the herb to create home-made perfumes with an earthy essence. You can create homemade medications for insomnia, anxiety, and other psychological conditions by using the root of Valerian. All you need to do is plant it in your garden.

  • It reacts with the GABA receptors and induces peace, contentment, and relaxation.
  • The antioxidants present in the root, namely hesperidin and linen, bring about a feeling of calmness and induce sleep.
  • It suppresses the overactivity of the amygdala and inhibits stressful sensations.

7.  Common Hop (Humulus lupulus)

Humulus lupulus or typical hops impart flavor and color to your chilled beers. Apart from this, the herb also helps patients with mental health issues. Its components, like xanthohumol, help in imparting relief from stress-related disorders. Other chemicals, namely, lupuline and humulene, are useful for systemic dysfunctioning and ailments. Start your day with herbal tea and risottos crafted with the help of wild hops from your cultivations. Here’s why you need to plant the herb in your house right away.

  • Say goodbye to insomnia with the herbal hops tea. Lupuline found in hops helps in treating sleeplessness.
  • Hot flashes and night sweats due to altered estrogen levels can easily be treated with the help of common hops.
  • It can reduce anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity up to a great extent due to the antioxidants.

8.  Kava Kava (Piper methysticum)

Roots of the kava plant possess extensive curative effects owing to the chemical components like kava pyrones. You can easily plant the herb with the help of its roots in your gardens. This herb is an all-natural remedy for anxiety disorders. It induces a sense of relaxation and ceases the seizures by interacting with your brain receptors. Available in the form of supplements, capsules, or tinctures, you can grab it from the market as well.

  • Kava relieves premenstrual disorders like nausea, night sweats, delirium, pain, and mood swings.
  • Generalized anxiety disorders (GAD), Post-traumatic disorders, and OCDs can be kept at bay with kava supplements.
  • It prevents insomnia and epilepsy and makes you sleep well.

9.  Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

When it comes to medicinal herbs with an ecstatic fragrance, Melissa officinalis tops the list. Loaded with lemon-like scent and therapeutic properties, you must grow this herb on your own. Researchers prove that the plant possesses mental health benefits like altering the mood, enhancing the impaired cognitive functions, and improving depressive conditions. Not only does it prepare you for the day, but it also reduces menstrual cramps. Apart from the psychiatric ailments, it can also relieve indigestion, cold sores, and nauseous states.

  • The herb relaxes the muscles and instantly relieves mood-related disorders like Bipolar disorder.
  • Excessive nervousness, hyperexcitability, and stressful conditions require regular intake of this herb.
  • It also improves concentration by eliminating fatigue and anxiety in prone patients.

Bottom Line

Psychiatric ailments require much more than high doses of prescription drugs. Instead, you must look out for some natural options without many disadvantages. That’s when the healing herbs come to your rescue with excellent mental health benefits. Plant some of them indoors and prepare your natural remedy to counter the extremely stressful situations. Also, try and incorporate the herbal beverages in your daily life. Every herb listed above contains chemicals that aid in top-notch mental health.

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