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Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day the Right Way

From the ancient Egyptians to present-day cat lovers, cats are mysterious creatures that have always been symbols of grace and poise. And while their canine counterparts have always had the reputation of being the fun-loving and affectionate ones, cat owners will know that their feline friends are equally lovable and huggable. As such, National Hug Your Cat Day, which takes place on 4 June, is a day dedicated to showing your cat some love in the form of unlimited cuddles – if they allow it, that is. The experts at Whiskas share more…

Cats are known for their quirky personalities, which can range from overly affectionate to downright indifferent. Before scooping up Simba, Tiger or Max and smothering it with hugs and kisses, it’s helpful to know how to classify your cat’s personality and adjust your response accordingly.

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#Cat Capone – This guy is gangsta! Cat Capones are all hood, and they rule over us, and the rest of their domain, with understated confidence. We’re all their henchmen, and they have the claw power to back up the attitude. No one’s getting this guy’s Whiskas.

#Catanova – This feline enjoys wide-roaming attention from a band of adoring cat and human fans. They’ve got us wrapped around their paw.  You know they are having breakfast, lunch, Whiskas treats and dinner at a different address every day and have admirers queuing around the block.

#Tommy ‘the cat’ Cruise – Tommy ‘the cat’ Cruise is the real adventurer. He’s a superstar – swinging from door handles, parkouring over your coffee table and tightrope traversing your back wall. These Tom ‘the cat’ Cruises are epic entertainers and top calibre stuntmen.

#Little Miss Sunshine – Little Miss Sunshine is as light as a fairy – in spirit and movement. She’s a regular twinkle toes. She purrs loudly and is often found curled up sleepily in a warm lap. She’s the most purrfect fur ball of them all – paws down.

#The CEO – This boss is certainly on the money at the helm of your home/company. The CEO is not shy to meow out orders and has the brainpower to command his working army. This guy knows a tax loop when he sees one and is a pro at finding a gap in the market.

#Cat Grylls – Cat Grylls rules the wild. He’s a true survivor that you might not see for days but, when he returns from his latest adventure, he’ll look as rugged and handsome as ever. Above his daily serving of Whiskas, his diet will be innards of birds, frog or mice and don’t be surprised when he proudly shares his catch of the day with you.

#Real-life Garfield – This bad boy swaggers around the homestead in a swish of bulk. He is known to sprawl out lazily or hover around the dinner table, loudly letting you know he expects his slice of something tasty…even pizza…which he will work off with a leisurely nap.

#Queen of the Catwalk – These beauties are the epitome of style and grace. They can navigate any catwalk with the poise of a supermodel and turn heads where ever they go. They most certainly hold themselves in the highest regard, and why shouldn’t they?

#The Ice Princess – These icy creatures decide when and where. They don’t like just any strangers but will coolly accept the spoils they so rightly deserve. Ice Princesses will make you work hard, and you can expect to get the upturned nose treatment. But, when you break through into their inner circle, you’ll have found yourself a diamond.

Celebrate National Hug Your Cat day

Whether your fluffy friend is an Ice Princess or a Catanova, there are numerous ways you can celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day:

Plenty of hugs – As the name of the day insists, get as many hugs in as you can before your cat tries to wriggle out of your grip.

Volunteer at your local shelter – If you don’t have a kitty of your own to hug, or want to share the love further than your household, book some snuggle time with the cats at your local shelter.

Look after your cat – Hugs mean getting up close and personal with your kitty. Ensure your cat’s dental health is in order with regular check-ups. In-between, try Whiskas® DentaBites, which has tiny grooves to gently clean the tooth surface while your cat crunches away.

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