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Housekeeping Habits of A-list Celebs

The team at Bathroom Butler is not only hygiene obsessed but also loves some good celebrity gossip (especially if there is a bathroom and some towels involved!). We delved deeper into some of our favourite celebs’ naughty home secrets.

Lisa Kudrow is bad at making the bed

Good Housekeeping reported on the bad housekeeping habits of the Friends star who admits she never used to make her bed when she was single, except when she changed her sheets. “No one but the person sleeping in the bed should be in the bedroom for any reason. Also, it’s just going to get slept in that night again anyway. And now I realize that I’m not good at making the bed. It always looks dishevelled after I’ve made it.”

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We don’t mind if her bed looks messy because we are just happy, she changes her sheets regularly. Did you know that bed sheets and bath towels are among the things that are most germ infested? Experts suggest that bath towels should be washed after every two to three uses and bedsheets should be changed every week.


Orlando Bloom doesn’t like to do laundry

The actor is not a huge fan of doing laundry, allegedly the Lord of the Rings star didn’t take the advice of ex Miranda Kerr who was always telling him to do his laundry and improve his personal hygiene.

We can’t blame the heartthrob for missing a few laundry days, no one likes to deal with piles of dirty towels and clothes. But having a heated towel rail can help reduce that pile by keeping bath towels more hygienic between washes, which means that not even Miranda Kerr would mind. More hygienic towels = less laundry.

Beyonce Knowles is messy at home

“I am a little messy!”, the songbird is so messy at home that she admits this is one of the qualities that husband rapper Jay Z’s least likes about her, reported People Magazine. “I think that is the most difficult thing for him,” she concedes. “He’s very, very organized.” At home, “I don’t have any shoes on. No makeup. My shoes are left at the door. My purse is in the kitchen,” she says. “I’m relaxed!”

Going from one extreme to the next, while Queen B is erring on the cautious side of organized, another star spends hours in her closet, but not for the reason you might imagine.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Oscar nominated star Reese Witherspoon admits she once spent four hours in her closet, reorganizing her underwear. She describes herself as an avid reader with type A personality and likes reorganizing bookshelves and her sock drawer. Well we might guess how the Southern belle has been spending all the extra time at home during the lockdown.


Cameron Diaz avoids germs on doorknobs

ABC News reported back in 2009 that the blonde beauty has a bit of an obsession, she opens doors using her elbows just to avoid the germs on the doorknob. Diaz has admitted to cleaning the doorknobs of her Los Angeles home so much that their original paint has faded. She has also said she washes her hands “many times” each day. “I’m not scared of germs,” she explains, “I am aware of them”.

Given the world-wide pandemic sweeping the globe, the OCD tendencies of our favourite celebs give us a new perspective during a time like the present.

Debra Messing loves to take healing baths

In an interview the Will and Grace star and single mom says it is important to take time out for self-care. “Baths are very healing, and I know that meditation is being talked about all the time. Sleep is vital for me. I cannot function if I don’t get sleep, and I don’t think it’s something that people should apologize for.” It is important to have healthy habits, even more so during lockdown.

While catching up on some Zs and taking care of your mental and physical health, it is also important to remember personal hygiene habits. After that much needed bath, remember to hang your used towel in a place that is specially designed to keep it hygienic and free of germs and bacteria.

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