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Adding a splash of colour and flare

An interior design company born out of passion and a desire to add colour and beauty into the interior décor landscape, [email protected] Hillcrest is a proudly South African, one hundred percent women-owned business.

Having received a 2019 East Coast Radio House and Garden Show gold award, the team at [email protected] Hillcrest comprises of two partners one interior designers. Their aim is to always remain true to the initial purpose of a design, while creating and adding value to quality, customized living and working spaces. They share some tips with us on how to spruce up your bedroom this season …

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Sprucing up your master suite

The master bedroom is an important space in your home. It’s also likely the place you spend the most time. When decorating the main bedroom you want to ensure it offers a calm, organized retreat that helps you sleep without sacrificing your personal style and aesthetic. Your bedroom is certainly the most personal space in a home and even though it’s an area many of your guests may never actually see, it still deserves a great deal of attention. This is where you recharge and reflect on the day, so it’s important that it features the right colour palette and furnishings for this to happen. Whether you live for a minimalist look or need punchy colours in your life, follow these simple tips to nail a master bedroom makeover:

Add plant life
Botany is the study of all things plant-related, from flowers and leaves to branches and tree trunks. A, botanical-inspired bedroom means plant will play a large part in the decorating scheme. Fresh, vibrant, growing and alive, plants have a naturally soothing effect that make them highly suited to having a starring role in the bedroom. Whether you choose the real thing or prefer décor with botanical motifs, it is time to harness the power of the plant in your interior decorating.

The rule of threes
The rule of three is a guideline. Essentially, it was put into place so that people understand that an odd number of items is more interesting than an even number.

Night light
A hanging light next to your bed is very chic and makes quiet a statement. The added perk of not using table lamps is the extra surface space on the night stands.

Embrace symmetry
Symmetry in interior design brings feelings of stability and calmness. Symmetry can be achieved through the use of patterns, arrangement of furniture, fixtures and craftmanship, as well as through the application of colour.

Centre artwork
Over the headboard artwork is a good idea in almost any open space, and above the bed is no exception. If you have height, but minimal width, try long horizontal artwork and vice versa. You can also do two vertical pieces side-by-side or three smaller pieces in a symmetrical line. Hanging a pair of same-sized artwork has the same effect as a larger piece while creating additional visual dimension. Top tip: When hanging two pieces next to each other we recommend spacing them only a few inches apart, so they do not feel disconnected.

Lounging it up
Incorporating a lounge area will offer you a good spot to sit while reading having a chat with your partner. It is also great for putting on shoes or checking email, so you can leave tech out of your bed!

Hanging to the floor
Let your windows do all the talking! Dress up casements with a voluminous pair of drapery panels to create a luxe yet tailored scene. If you mount curtains slightly higher and wider than your actual windows, you can make them seem larger and the room, on the whole, more spacious.

Vary Textures
Do not forget texture throughout your room. Integrate a mix of interesting fabrics and textiles into your master bedroom to make the space feel comfy, cozy, and colourful.

Over the top
Never underestimate the impact of a commanding headboard in a master bedroom. Whether it’s a massive one that go from floor to ceiling, or a makeshift alternative courtesy of a graphic tapestry, it’s the dramatic touch every bedroom deserves. You can usually skip putting up hanging art over these statement pieces, since they are usually so striking on their own.

Choose a theme
It is the first thing a child will consider when putting together their bedroom, but adults tend to shy away from decorative themes. A theme can be a powerful unifying device, not to mention calming and keeps you on track with purchasing the right décor elements for your space.

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For more tips and tricks or décor advice and consultations visit [email protected] Hillcrest at: Shop 7, The Yard Office Park, 71 Old Main Road Hillcrest or contact Cindy Austen: 079 294 5337, [email protected], FB @habitat hillcrest, IG: #habitathillcrest_


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