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Be a ‘Summer Girl’ all-year-round

Get your glow on and indulge in our fave unique range of self-tanning products and accessories and be a ‘Summer Girl’ all-year-round.

Made for you to look and feel great in your body, Skinny Tan was created by real women for real women of every shape, size and skin type. All natural, vegan-friendly, nourishing and hydrating and best of all 100% streak-free, we love their range of Pre-Tan Primers, Exfoliating and Tanning Mitts, different Mousse shades suited to different skin tones and we definitely can’t get enough of their unique Tan and Tone Oil, which reduces the appearance of cellulite! Top that with their Skinny Tan After Glow and cool down with their refreshing Coconut Water Mist Spray, and you’ll be summer ready before your hit the beaches for the holiday season!

Priced from R129.95 to R499.95 you’ll find the range in store at Dischem and Clicks, or you can shop online at www.skinnytan.co.za or Takealot or Zando.

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Folllow them on social media: FB: skinnytansa or Insta: @skinnytansa

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