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Just driving by … baby!

There’s a new trend in town when it comes to baby showers thanks to our current ‘living in a pandemic’ situation – and we think it’s awesome! The drive-by baby shower allows you to celebrate your pregnancy with loved ones at a safe distance. Model, business woman and ‘momfluencer’, Aamirah Jano, tells us about this very cool concept, which is being followed by celebrities globally.

While being pregnant doesn’t mean you are sick, it can mean that your immune system is compromised, putting you at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. There are also a host of other birthing regulations to consider, fewer prenatal appointments being allowed and many women having to face the possibility of having to cancel baby showers.

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But, Aamirah says, just because you can’t have the shower you originally envisioned, doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate your new bundle of joy at all.

“I have had a fair share of pregnancy experiences during this global pandemic and I must admit it has been quite a challenge. A friend of mine recently organized my drive-by shower for me, brought about by the need for social distancing.”
Aamirah a little apprehensive and not sure what to expect. “I mean, a drive-by baby shower? I had never heard about it before. As time went by though I slowly grasped the concept and came to like the idea a lot.”

They sent out digital drive-by invites and most of their friends and family were invited.

“Some even decorated their cars with balloons. I decided to go with a blue theme and kept it small and cute. My décor was supplied by Pearl Events, Mammas Flowers and Imbali Blooms. We got creative and organized thoughtful thank you gifts from Pots About Plants, Truly Good, Sweet Little Things, Angeliq Gifts and Gourmet Treats, The Cupcakery and Snazzy Cakes. Last but not least, my beautiful cakes were from Pretty Baked and Firdaus’ Frosty Bites.”

With help from her ‘posse’, Aamirah set up tables outside in their driveway and let friends and family come in one by one, sanitizing at the entrance and donning their masks to drop off presents. Photos were taken and each received their thank you gift.

“My drive-by shower lasted about two hours, and while I was so glad it ended quickly because I was so exhausted, it was a beautiful experience and one that I would definitely recommend to all expecting moms.”

As difficult as it may be to accept that you can’t have your dream baby shower with all of your friends and typical games, safety is paramount for the mom-to-be as well as any guests. The best ways to be safe during a pandemic-time baby shower is to ensure social distancing, commit to wearing a mask, and keep the crowd small.
“We are all new to this, and there are no rules regarding the set up and procedure of a drive-by. It’s all about making you smile and feel loved and special.”

Tips for a successful drive-by shower:

Weather – Make sure you are following the weather for the day you plan on having the baby shower. Notify guests – Send out invites with all important info and details  and include a window period for guests to arrive instead of having them come by randomly throughout the day, which can be  exhausting.
Set the mood – Decorate the front lawn, set up the tables and mom-to-be chair.
Be creative – Asks guests to decorate their cars and dress to a theme. You can even have them playing music from their cars.
Designate a photographer/videographer – It’s vital to capture these moments. The way you would like to go about it is entirely up to you. You can either set up a quick photo section where guests can take a quick pic with mom-to-be or have someone video the entire drive-by experience.
Be informative – Make sure guests understand that they should keep a safe distance from mom-to-be. They should arrive with their mask and sanitize before entry. Gifts should be dropped off and allocated to a specific area.
Thank you gifts – Make sure all thank you gifts and treats are suitable to take away and easily packed.
Opening presents – Plan a zoom call for mom to unwrap all gifts, giving her a chance to thank everyone. This is best done the following day so mom can get her rest.

Details: Aamirah’s MumzLuv Blog: www.aamz.co.za

PHOTOS by Petri Oeschger


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Drive By Baby Shower

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