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Some like it hot for the coffee boff!

“A recent survey of South Africans about their attitude to coffee in the workplace has revealed just how passionate people are about the beverage that has become so much a part of our daily lives. …, 8% said they drink between four and five cups a day while 4% said they drink more than five cups a day.” As quoted in Coffee Magazine!

With that being said, every shopping centre has at least one coffee shop amongst its tenant mix or an outlet where you can purchase your own coffee or favourite coffee beans to enjoy at home!

There are so many types of coffee drinks and it can be difficult to understand the difference between them. Most coffee drinks consist of three common ingredients: espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

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Additional toppings can be added based on your unique preferences.

The following are just some of the coffee drinks and possible cup pairings you may consider and it’s important to note that drink ratios and coffee items may vary from coffee shop to coffee shop.

• Espresso – The espresso, also known as a short black, is approximately one ounce of highly concentrated coffee. Although simple in appearance, it can be difficult to master.
• Double Espresso – A double espresso may also be listed as doppio, which is the Italian word for double. This drink is highly concentrated and strong.
• Americano – Americanos are popular breakfast drinks and thought to have originated during World War II. Soldiers would add water to their coffee to extend their rations farther. The water dilutes the espresso while still maintaining a high level of caffeine.
• Long Black – The long black is a similar coffee drink to the Americano, but it originated in New Zealand and Australia. It generally has more crema than an Americano.
• Macchiato – The word “macchiato” means mark or stain. This is in reference to the mark that steamed milk leaves on the surface of the espresso as it is dashed into the drink. Flavouring syrups are often added to the drink according to customer preference.
• Cappuccino – This creamy coffee drink is usually consumed at breakfast time in Italy and is loved world over. It is usually associated with indulgence and comfort due to its thick foam layer and additional flavourings that can be added to it.
• Flat White- A flat white also originates from New Zealand and Australia and is very similar to a cappuccino but lacks the foam layer and chocolate powder. To keep the drink creamy rather than frothy, steamed milk from the bottom of the jug is used instead of from the top.
• Cafe Latte – Cafe lattes are considered to be an introductory coffee drink since the acidity and bitterness of coffee is cut by the amount of milk in the beverage. Flavouring syrups are often added to the latte for those who enjoy sweeter drinks.
• Mocha – The mocha is considered to be like a coffee and hot chocolate hybrid. The chocolate powder or syrup gives it a rich and creamy flavour and cuts the acidity of the espresso.
• Cafe au Lait – The cafe au lait is typically made with french press coffee instead of an espresso shot to bring out the different flavours in the coffee. It is then paired with scalded milk instead of steamed milk and poured at a 50/50 ratio.
• Iced Coffee – Iced coffees become very popular in the summer time.

For the coffee lover looking to satisfy their favourite caffeine fix, here are some of the “hottest” spots where one can relax and unwind either by yourself, with friends or possibly meet for a quick business meeting!

Should you reside within the Umhlanga Rocks, Durban North or Springfield areas, pop into your nearest coffee outlet as you will be spoilt for choice with a selection of coffees from Yiroll Caffe Bake situated at Springfield Retail Centre, Seattle Coffee Co based at Granada Square, and the Bean Tree Café, located inside the Riverside Spar at Park Boulevard.


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