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A very berry Christmas Spoil

In this ever-changing world, festive flair is a beautiful mood we can create in our homes and lives as a means of lifting spirits, bringing families together, creating something joyful to look at and making lasting memories.

While we almost always focus on Christmas trees and garlands, the Christmas wreath is another different focus for festive décor! If you’re a DIY fundi the wreath is a great project to set yourself and let your imagination run wild but, for those who don’t have the gift of natural-born creativity, Vegmo Accessories is the perfect go-to Christmas shopping wonderland. With an abundance of Christmas stock (it’s an adventure on its own to shop there) and a whole lot of festive flair, they will effortlessly help you find or decorate the perfect wreath together with your trees and garlands, so that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate Christmas 2020 and beyond! Make sure you pop in and be inspired!

Details: www.vegmoaccessories.co.za


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We’ve got a R2000 Vegmo Accessories voucher to give away.

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Vegmo R2000 Voucher Spoil


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