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Enjoy half a dozen fascinating reads

The Family Holiday by Elizabeth Noble is just the most delightful book we’ve read in ages. It’s light and easy, with lovely characters you long to be your new-best-friends. Teenage angst, family tragedies, new wives and single dads and a holiday in a gorgeous luxury retreat in the country … a warm, witty and really wonderful weekend read.

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Equally as light and enjoyable is Sophie Kinsella’s irresistible new novel about falling in love with someone – but not necessarily with their life. A writing retreat in Italy and a holiday romance sounds lovely. But back home – with his eccentric, naked-sauna-loving family and her terribly behaved, shirt-shredding dog – things don’t look as rosy. We love a good chick lit read, and Love Your Life is really fun.

We’ve all done it. Thought about what we’d do if we won a couple of million on the Lotto. Who we’d share with. What we’d buy. Charities we’d support. For years, three couples have played the same six numbers on the lottery … never winning more than a tenner. They’re the best of mates, until an untruth causes a small rift. And soon after that, bingo … the six numbers come up … just under 18 million pounds. One couple’s got the winning ticket. And they don’t want to share. In Just My Luck, Adele Parks looks at the dark side of money, at friendship and betrayal and good luck gone bad.

Deep-cover police agents. Drug lords, smugglers and corrupt cops. International drug ring busts and foiled bank heists.

Attempts to destabilise the country and threats to life and accusations of being an apartheid spy. Cop Under Cover reads like a fast-paced thriller. It’s the story of RS536 … a terrific read by Johann van Loggerenberg.

Petrified flesh. Frozen cheeks. Breaking speed records to ensure survival in a harsh Antarctic winter. Scaling Dome Charlie, one of the highest summits on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. A hellish race against death. But also a childhood dream come true. A story of overcoming adversity through sheer willpower. Of seeing what’s possible when one has the support and love of family and friends. Dream of a Lifetime: Crossing Antarctica is Mike Horn’s story of crossing the South Pole unassisted … a journey across 5 100 km (being the longest, most challenging route) by kite-ski and sled alone. It’s a daredevil’s first-hand account of realising a crazy dream.

From real life tension to the latest Tom Clancy thriller, with Jack Ryan Jr. When an unexpected – and unusually unfriendly – meeting with an ex-girlfriend in a Barcelona cafe ends with a bomb exploding, Jack stumbles into an international conspiracy that could well be something more than he can handle. Written by Mike Maden, Tomy Clancy’s Firing Point is gripping from start to finish.

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