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Reset. Rewire. Reimagine Everything.

As we open our minds to the possibility of a world that looks different to the reality we’ve become accustomed to, many of us are asking what we might expect from a post-COVID-19 environment. It is overwhelming at times to try and piece together a mental mind map of what we might be dealing with in the future. How will travel and tourism play out in this new reality? What about dating? Supply chains will undoubtedly be affected, but how? The automotive industry is likely to take a knock, as will property and retail, but e-commerce is in for a new lease of life and our uptake of technology is likely to boom. But what are the implications of these rapid shifts to our personal freedoms or investment approaches, how we educate our children and which careers we should prize in the future? This month, make time to read Disruption Amplified, by Abdullah Verachial.

A global strategist, speaker and academic, he  is often asked to bring all the strands together – from dry reports and statistics, to conversations with people on the ground – to build a picture of where we are going. From there he works with governments, companies and individuals to help them navigate this unknown territory. By applying academic principles with the tools and access at the disposal of a strategist, it is possible to spot the trends as they emerge and build some all-important linkages. And the message is clear. Unless we completely overhaul our thinking in terms of business purpose, globalisation, supply chain management, how we educate future generations, the use of technology and the way we work, we will have wasted the opportunity to rewire our world into a more empathetic, inclusive, fairer, smarter and sustainable creation. It is time to disrupt the existing architecture that props up our world and rebuild new foundations and step boldly into a new tomorrow. Disruption Amplified. Reset. Rewire. Reimagine Everything will show you how R280 .

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