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4 ways to help your kids sleep more soundly

Did you know that getting enough sleep can help increase memory, learning, and attention span? Not only is sleep beneficial for adults, but getting a good night’s rest can do wonders for your kids too. Sleep can improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing, resulting in fewer sick days and better school performance.

Parents know that being well rested means their children will have fewer meltdowns, but did you know sleep can help prevent colds and flu? According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep can have a massive effect on your immune system, and neglecting those precious Z’s can make you more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

So, what can be done to help improve your children’s sleep? Obviously, we know that going to bed at a reasonable hour is great for establishing routine and making sure they hit their sleep requirements, but how exactly do you ensure they sleep without interruption?

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Practise better nutrition

How often do you wake up to kids wanting a midnight snack? Avoid those pesky trips to the kitchen by making sure your child has enough food at the right time, is getting sunlight during the day, and doesn’t have caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Even if your child doesn’t feel hungry at night, not eating properly may make them restless. This is especially true for younger kids.

But why? Kids alternate between light sleep, deep sleep, and dream sleep. As they sleep and transition from light to dream sleep, they wake briefly while not being completely aware that they are awake. If they get the right nutrition at the right time, they will be more likely to fall back asleep without making the trip down the passage towards your bedroom.


Consider the environment

A quiet, dimly lit space is important for good sleep. But it goes a little deeper than just that. Blue light radiating from TV, tablet, and smartphone screens can actually prevent your brain from turning off. Rather grab a good children’s book and settle in for some story time while they fade away to dreamland.

Another factor to consider – especially now in summer – is the noise level caused by fans. While some people simply cannot sleep without a fan because of its noise cancelling feature, it can actually disturb others’ sleep. Plus, a fan only moves the heat around – which brings us to the next point.


Consistent temperature is key

Keeping a constant temperature throughout the night is essential for improving sleep quality. The Sleep Foundation found that the best temperature for sleeping is 18.3 ˚C, as this helps the body maintain its natural core temperature.

That’s why an air conditioning system works best for regulating the temperature in any room, including your bedroom. Cool, quality sleep is just a few buttons away!


Say no to allergy symptoms

An air conditioner like the LG ArtCool instantly cools your space and eliminates unnecessary noise thanks to its unique skew fan and Inverter Compressor. Not only that, but it also helps provide cleaner air that reduces allergy symptoms and dust mites. The advanced ioniser technology sterilises over 99% of adhering bacteria.

Now you get to enjoy cooler, quieter and purer air. The best part? LG’s Inverter Compressor comes with a with 10-year warranty, meaning you get to enjoy all the benefits of your LG ArtCool for longer.

Because the LG ArtCool purifies the air, allergies won’t interfere with your kid’s sleeping patterns anymore. Symptoms like coughing, itchy or sore throats, and a runny or blocked nose can mean disrupted and poor-quality sleep and crankiness in the morning. If you have a child who suffers from dust-related allergies, look into getting a good quality air conditioner that takes your and your family’s health into account.

Another benefit of the ArtCool is that it’s designed with SmartThinQ functionality, meaning you can access your air conditioner at any time and from anywhere with a Wi-Fi equipped device. The system allows you to easily access and manage your air conditioner with the LG exclusive home appliances control app.

It’s important for everyone to get a good night’s rest, but even more so for children. Not only is it a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can also affect their behaviour, learning, and memory, so if your child is struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, start troubleshooting ASAP.

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