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Quarantine 2020

A special note from David Weeks of David Weeks Photographic.

“I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a challenging year for most
of us. Collectively, we have found ourselves living through an iconic
time in our history. For most of us, our skill sets grew in directions
we never imagined. We found ourselves homeschooling, baking, doing 2km runs around our gardens,  and even making pineapple beer.

We will be the generations telling our grandchildren about the
weeks spent in isolation. The weeks where perhaps we were under a little
more pressure navigating a new lifestyle, but also the weeks we truly
came to appreciate our families and friends.

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Perhaps these were the weeks we defined our future selves. We resolved to visit more than we texted, be more present in each moment, and celebrate the small things.

While some couples found it hard to be in each other’s faces all day, every day, Lara and I work next to each other all year round. so lockdown was not the adjustment that we thought it would be. The time was made even more special when we welcomed our newborn daughter at the end of April. Lockdown gave us guilt-free time to bond as a family and get to know our newest member. Broden, our 4.5 year old was very involved in his sister’s early days.

Having experienced the positive effects of lockdown ourselves, we put our heads together to see how we could portray 2020 in a memorable, yet humorous way. The box concept, which has been extremely successful abroad, seemed like the perfect option.

A family, corporate or friendship photoshoot that portrays life in 2020
is a definite must for the family wall. An ‘in-the-box’ themed shoot
will capture the family dynamic, while also giving a nod to the unique
circumstances that came to symbolise this year. Challenge yourselves to
personalise your box shoot to showcase your lockdown escapades.

(The typical lockdown Zoom meeting with suit top and pajama shorts with fluffy slippers )

The shoots start at R1500 for 6 boxes and one ‘overhang’ (where an
item/body part goes between shelves) with the option to add on extra
boxes and overhangs.”

Join Dave and Lara and remember to think “OUT THE BOX”

+27722139272 | 0722139272 | [email protected]




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