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New clothing label launched during lockdown

Highway couple, Louis and Adel Weber, recently launched Red Cactus Clothing during lockdown. An exclusive range of shirts in a variety of unique designs was born after the husband and wife team, like so many other businesses, were forced to reassess and adapt their offering amidst a global pandemic.

“When the whole world was hit by Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown restrictions, we were no longer able to trade as we had before. For us, this meant a complete stop to our printing and packaging business which was a huge shock and made us realise that it was time for retrospection and change,” explains Louis.

The pair’s motto is ‘You can’t stop greatness’ and they strive to live by this every day. “We believe greatness is achieved by challenging the status quo of how things are done,” says Adel. “When you strive to achieve greatness and want to uphold your individuality, you associate with people and brands that share your beliefs.”

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Red Cactus Clothing manufactures over one hundred unique shirt designs to compliment one’s individuality and allows customers the opportunity to express their values and beliefs.

“They say never judge a book by its cover, but it’s inevitable and why shouldn’t it be? What you wear should be an expression of what you stand for and what you believe,” says Louis.

Each unique design is exclusive as only a limited number of shirts are manufactured per design range. All Red Cactus Clothing shirts are available online www.redcactusclothing.com in sizes small to XXXL and come in 145g Classic Cotton, Dry Fit Mesh Polyester and Heavy weight 100% Cotton. The range of designs available include the Nostalgia Series, Modern/Funky Series, Teen Series, Active Series and Slogan Design Series.

In celebration of their launch, Red Cactus Clothing are running a fantastic competition: Buy any Red Cactus Clothing shirt and stand a chance to with a 2007 Porsche Boxter 987.

For more information visit www.redcactusclothing.com  or email [email protected]


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