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A parenting must-have

Rapid technological innovation in a globalised world can make it difficult for parents to imagine what the future looks like. This also makes future-proofing your child quite critical.

Psychologist, author and commentator on emotional intelligence, parenting, career development and meaningful living, Paul Bushell’s book, #RaisingKids to thrive in a constantly changing world, is a practical, mindful and delightful tool to help navigate the often confusing and sometimes challenging job of modern parenting.
Co-founder of the KindnessCan movement with radio personality Jane Linley-Thomas, Paul says: “We need to stop asking children what they want to be when they grow up. The reality is we are currently raising children for jobs that don’t exist. In 20 years’ time, half the jobs we know now won’t exist. That poses exciting challenges for parents and people working with children. We should rather be asking children what they want to contribute to the world in the future.”

With a special interest in the career journey from childhood into adulthood, Paul has developed a series of tools and processes that help children and adults intentionally shape their career journeys to reflect their specific strengths, values and dreams, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. #RaisingKids looks into this future and offers more than 100 fun and practical tools for you to work through with the children in your life – building their ability to deal with change and understand ‘people’ as a constant in this world.
Wonderfully illustrated by iKINDmedia, #RaisingKids places kindness, empathy, love, mindfulness and holistic guidance at the core of parenting. The journal includes interactive features, including cut-outs and QR-codes that break away to videos and blogs which elaborate on the various themes and activities in the book.

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“The book is NOT about perfecting parenting. It’s about helping parents grow a healthy, happy relationship with their children by doing things with, and getting to know, them better. We understand that good EQ is developed through real-life interactions between children and parents. The book has activities around thought-control, feeling management, good behavioural choices, curiosity, discipline, and embracing of tolerance.”

Emotional intelligence will become important in a constantly changing world as people’s needs have remained largely unchanged, and this will be a constant in a constantly changing world.
“I wish that as a young parent I’d had this book. Nothing makes parenting easy, but this book offers opportunities for fun, developmentally sound and mindful parenting. Technology should not be viewed as a threat to raising children. We need to embrace it, but also find ways to balance it out with people-centered experiences,” said Paul. The book is R320 (including postage).

Details: www.bushell.co.za or IG @pbpsychologist


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Raising Kids To Thrive in a Constantly Changing World

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