A quick mini revamp!

From spring-cleaning to small décor changes, there are plenty of ways to revamp your home without bringing in the builders or spending all of your hard-earned money. Whether you enjoy following décor trends, want to open up a small space, refresh a space or add something new to the old, making the changes will certainly provide some much needed inspiration, so we’ve compiled a list of simple décor tips and home improvement projects that you can tackle before the next season sets in.

When it comes to re-decorating or renovating your home, there is always a concern about going over budget or spending too much on an item which could have been bought at a cheaper price, elsewhere. To avoid this, do your homework before leaving the house.

  1. Browse through brochures and magazines to find items on trend and that may be on sale.
  2. Search for images of the kind of look you would like for your space and keep these pictures with you, so that you can gain inspiration of what you are looking for in-store.
  3. If you are visiting a specific mall, jot down the stores you would like to visit and the kinds of items you would look at purchasing from there.
  4. Create a round figure for every item you are looking at buying before you start your shopping, so that you keep within your preferred budget and don’t end up with buyer’s remorse.

When it comes to deciding what items to choose, select spaces in your home that you spend most of your time in or those which are often seen by visitors.

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Small décor changes – You could update your entertainment lounge or sitting room couch with scatter cushions, and match a colour to the curtains. If you prefer a light and airy space, to make the area feel bigger, opt for sheer curtains. Alternatively, add in a single seater couch with a bold colour or print, to complete look and add a modern appeal to the room.

Lighting – Lighting can either brighten up the space, or make it cosy. A bright room will appear open and larger, whereas lamps with a shade will often allow the room to feel warmer and cosier. Add layers to ceiling lights, by adding lamps on your side tables, if you don’t already have these.

Flooring: Adding a new rug to your lounge area could hide any imperfections, or make an old floor look new. The latest trends in carpeting include rugs, bright colours and plush carpets.

Dining Room – Add space to small areas by placing a large mirror on a wall. This will open up the space and make it appear larger. If the mirror is placed opposite a window, it will also reflect light which will make the room brighter.

Bathroom – You could update a worn rug in the bathroom with something more on trend. Use an accent rug in the bathroom as a focal point and to add a pop of character to this space. Worn towels should also be updated to allow a better flow of colour and style throughout your bathroom. If your bathroom or toilet is looking dull, why not brighten up the space by adding a mosaic. You could update your shower floor with a mosaic or perhaps add a new shower rose. Be sure to factor in costs for installation, unless you have a handyman on hand to help.

Kitchen – A kitchen can get a new look in a few ways… update a backsplash with tiles, mosaic or cladding, or just update the appliances and buy items that are either the same colour to allow the space to look complete, or replace old items with new ones.

Fresh coat – For any DIY enthusiast, painting is the first point of call when a space needs refreshing. A new coat of paint will give any room life and remove unwanted marks and stains on tired walls. Wallpaper is also an option; however an important tip is to ensure you have a professional to fit this to guarantee a smooth and professional finish.

Sleeping space – For many, the bedroom is not just a space to lay one’s head. It is the place you spend the most amount of time in. If you would like to do a complete overhaul, the first place to start would be the walls. Next would be the bed. If you have the budget, replace your old bed with a new one and start the year off with a good night’s sleep. If you don’t have the budget for a new bed, then purchasing a new duvet cover and curtains is the most cost effective way of bringing the room together. Add scatter cushions to the bed to add a layered effect, portraying comfort. If you have a smaller room, and are a practical person, then you may want to buy a 2-in-1 dressing table. Some bed stores sell these in the form of a side table, with a long mirror attached.

Keeping cool – An air conditioner in the South African summer is seen as an upgrade to any home. However, if the price is too costly, and doesn’t fit within your ‘mini-makeover’ budget, then a mist fan or ceiling fan may be the next best thing to keep you cool – and the mozzies away. Another plus is that the floor fan can be packed away when not needed, and will not ruin the look of the décor.

With your new changes, you are sure to feel happier and ready to take on the rest of the year!

Photo credit: dreamlandsdesign.com


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