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April 2021 Spoil

Gasp. It’s … Kate Spade New York.

This may well be our sweetest Spoil ever! We’re dancing with joy over the new (and first) Kate Spade New York fragrance … a cheerful, feminine, sparkling scent which launched in SA this month. All sweet wild strawberry and rose essence, citrusy bergamot and freesia, it’s optimism and happiness and spontaneous celebrations wrapped up in a beautiful curvy bottle, sporting the Kate Spade signature spade, and a pink and white box that’s quite honestly too pretty to discard. This modern, fruity-floral fragrance is a joyful scent that celebrates women and their sense of individuality. It launched with an upbeat campaign featuring Maddie Ziegler (who stars in Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of the musical West Side Story), dancing with friends against the iconic New York City skyline. But dance is universal … so be it the New York or Joburg skyline, Cape Town’s Table Mountain, Ballito’s breath-taking beaches, we can celebrate the passion of the fragrance and dance with Maddie, who shared some of her secrets with us.

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What do you love about dancing?

Dance is my escape. I feel the most beautiful when I dance. And it helps me release all of my emotions through movement.

How does it feel, dancing in the streets of New York for the shooting of the Kate Spade NY campaign?

Not gonna lie a little cold hahaha. But it truly is so fun! I feel so much freedom. Moreover, the dance was very “do your own thing, let your body express however you’re feeling”, which really reflected the good vibes of New York city. When I dance for Kate Spade New York I was so joyful and that is what this perfume is all about for me, joy.

What are the benefits of dancing for the mind and for the body?

The benefits of dancing for the body and mind are incredible. It allows you to release any stress or tension you have in your body. It’s important to let that energy fly! And it does wonders for my mind. I can let go of whatever I’ve been in my head about!

What is one beauty secret you might share?

My favorite beauty secret always is, “less is more”.

Do you exercise daily? What is your routine?

I try to for sure. If I’m not dancing, I’m doing yoga or working out! I try to maintain healthy habits for my body but also especially now making sure to treat my body with rest if it isn’t feeling too great!

What do you like to do to relax when you are home?

I really love to lay in bed and watch Netflix or beauty videos on YouTube. Recently I’ve been trying to stretch every day at home and listen to what my body needs! It’s important to take care of my body while I’m young so I don’t have problems when I’m older!

What is your favorite mantra to look on the bright side of life?

“Everything happens for a reason” is something I live by. I always think if I’m sad about something, this was meant to happen for something positive to come my way.

What’s a dream project?

I really love Nathalie Portman and she inspires me especially with her performance in The Professional. That is why, one of my dream roles would be to play a woman assassin. I would love to do combat fighting/martial arts.

What makes you a Kate Spade girl?

Kate Spade promotes joyful and feminine life, moreover, they want to create a playful celebration of it. These are values that I appreciate. The brand is very uplifting and fun, really feeling comfortable in your femininity. So when I embrace that, I feel like a Kate Spade girl!  In addition to that, Kate Spade reminds me of playing dress up in my mom’s closet as Kate Spade is an iconic brand.

What do you like about perfume?

To me, smelling good is something important. Indeed, the smell is our strongest sense. The way a person smells tells a lot about who he is.  For me, everything has a smell, let me explain. Happiness smells like my sister, love smells like the two boys in my life, my boyfriend and my dog! Heartbreak or loss smells like Baskin Robbins ice creams, friendship smells like candles burning in my house, regret smells like my boyfriend. Of course, success smells like Kate Spade New York.

You’ll find Kate Spade New York exclusively at Truworths, Foschini and Edgars, from R899 to R1399.


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