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Decor ideas to satisfy your wanderlust

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a dreamer with a bucket list of destinations still to be explored, there’s no better way to express your love for adventure than through your own home. We’ve put together some travel-inspired decor ideas to bring a feeling of wanderlust into your space.

Word art

Whether it’s a wooden cut out or a stylish vinyl sticker depicting the phrase which has become the mantra of millions across the world – Wanderlust, travel-inspired word art is a really pretty way of displaying your love of travel or even as a means of inspiring you for future travel. The more you see it, read it and say it out loud, the more the universe hears!

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Showcase what you got

It goes without saying that we buy things on our travels for a reason. Display them well, whether they are ornaments, rugs, a throw, cushion. If you travelled a long time ago and have stashed away your once-treasured purchases, bring them out to play and inspire!


Vintage suitcases (which can be found at your local charity shops and thrift stores and even online) make for great rustic-chic décor. You can stack and place them somewhere as a statement or create a cool bedside table in your bedroom. Repurposed or not, they add a little charm to any room and also make for great storage for those extra winter blankets or bulky winter wear.


Postcards are one of the easiest keepsakes to bring back from your trips since they’re lightweight and fit in your carry-on, so why not showcase those you’ve picked up in various cities around the world. You can either frame them or hang them on a DIY string and mini peg display board.


Polaroids are back in style, so if you have travelled with a Polaroid camera use hanging photo organisers, hooks, and LED string lights as a means of hanging your memories around your home.


From beach scenes and mountains to desert landscapes and family selfies, you can use photos from your travels to create a travel-inspired room or a means of reminding you about your adventures.  These days there are so many places that print photos onto fabrics, so take advantage of other methods of showing off your photos …. on wallhangings, duvets, throws.


Globes are a classic representation of travel, and maybe the easiest way to decorate your space to show your love of adventure. You can buy them online and in creative stores (Woolworth’s has a lovely one) and use them on your work desk or travel-themed space. It will be a lovely accent piece for your space. If you’re a DIY queen, you can repurpose one and turn it into a night light for a bedside table.


You know all those pamphlets and tickets you keep as mementos of things you’ve done and places you’ve been? Instead of keeping them in a box or flip file, create a travel-themed shadowbox using them.

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