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Chemistry became personified with the Tim Lewis x Matt Davies relationship.

A brand-new act, a brand-new track and a brand-new friendship, Tim Lewis x Matt Davies is a new electronic collaboration act that nobody saw coming – not even themselves.

The product of a perchance intro by electro-pop star and mutual friend Kyle Deutsch, the two Durbanites slipped into the studio after a brief chat and within 15 minutes the funky house-pop track and first dynamic single Just Be Here was born.

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Although newcomers to record deals, the two individuals have paid their dues in terms of their own musical development over the years, with Tim being an established saxophonist, pianist and producer and Matt being a pianist, guitarist and of course, singer.

With all instrumentation being performed by the guys on Just Be Here, Matt Davies delivers the smooth vocal which holds strong notes of yester-year in a soulful delivery. Lyrically the track speaks honestly from the heart and digs into the common question of a relationships ability to find common ground – relatable and honestly penned from Matt’s collection of material. The mid-tempo beat inspires all the feels of a balmy summer night while at the same time the remix potential is itching to find a dance floor and show the versatility of the production.

With only a few months under their belt as an established act, the world is literally Tim Lewis and Matt Davies’ oyster right now. Their first studio attempt, Just Be Here is a big song that will no doubt leave fans with even bigger expectations of what’s to come.

While they have a whole lot of music to create, after the release of Just Be Here we look forward to what’s next from this dynamic young house duo.

Stream here: https://umgafrica.lnk.to/JustBeHerePR












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