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Lisa Linfield’s journey has not been ordinary. Brave – yes. Successful – yes. Straightforward – never. Her goal is to change the lives of people through financial freedom.

Lisa Linfied has, she says, a gift.  A gift and a passion … to make money understandable to others.

‘I call it Human Speak – as it always amazes me how complicated people make things. Don’t get me wrong, finances are complicated, but there are easier ways of saying things so people can understand. My passion is to teach women about mindset and money.

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‘To fight for the freedom of women from the thinking that keeps them stuck, and for their financial freedom – two key ingredients to living your best life,’ she says.

Having always aspired to be the best, Lisa was a practicing physiotherapist before joining the banking world in the UK and South Africa. She studied Corporate Finance at London Business School just to tap into the thinking of the world’s great minds, and then set herself the goal of becoming the CEO of a large company.

‘I went back to get my financial planning degree when my twins were three years old, and my eldest daughter eight. I had a full time job leading four divisions of a company my employer had just bought, and we were integrating.  Doing that degree was the hardest thing I’ve done and required me to work late, get up early and drastically reduce my socialising. But I had a strong vision of the freedom that would come at the end of this big sacrifice. And so, I did it’

Over the years, events led Lisa to question whose goal it really was, and whether there wasn’t something more to life out there that she should be doing. So, after a successful 20 year corporate career, she stepped off the ladder and, with the same grit as before, set up her own businesses with one  ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ – to teach 1 million women about money before she dies!

As a popular KZN keynote speaker, Lisa’s talks are both inspiring and practical, and audiences walk away clear as to how to change their lives. As the host of Working Women’s Wealth online podcasts, she engages, equips and empowers women from more than 110 countries to help them make money, invest it, and protect it, from life’s unexpected turns.

‘Most of us are using every cent we have to pay the bills – which seem to increase faster than our salaries grow. Having another stream of income gives each of us the space in our budget to afford the little extras we want to live now, and allows us to make sure our future’s taken care of.’

According to Lisa having more money to spend now or in the future is down to two things: finding ways to earn more money, or ways to cut your expenses. But, like she says, if it was that easy, we would all be millionaires!

Lisa compares wealth to health – we all know we shouldn’t eat sweets, cakes and ice-cream and that we should exercise.  But we don’t do it. So why is it that we can know something, but not do it?

‘The trouble is, we have a whole bunch of thinking patterns that keep us stuck in our old patterns, so we can’t seem to make change stick for long periods of time. For many, we’ve lost track of how many times we’ve tried to shift our behaviour – be it diets, making sales calls, tricky relationships, our money or just the way we think about ourselves.

‘The challenge is, no amount of quick fix will help – we need to shift our thinking to change our wealth and find our unique path to joy and purpose.’

In regards to this, Lisa launched her book Deep Grooves – Overcoming patterns That keep You Stuck. Whether it’s your health, work, relationships or your wealth, this book will help shift your thinking, find your path, build resilience and give you the tools to achieve your goals in a way everyone can understand.

‘I’m passionate about saving people money. Passionate about trying to get everyone to invest for their retirement. Passionate about putting in place ways to protect their money – because stuff does happen. I’m also loathsome of debt and the way society encourages everyone to get into more debt.’

When she is not engaging, equipping and empowering women to be financially free, Lisa enjoys spending time at her home in Hilton with her husband John and daughters Jess, Isi and Emma.

Details: Deep Grooves is available at  Exclusive Books, Takealot and Amazon or locally for R129 at lisalinfield.com or workingwomenswealth.com


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