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Breathing fresh air into SA sport

Having recently announced their partnership with the Central Gauteng Lions, Oxycell are a breath of fresh air when it comes to the preparation, performance and recovery of SA’s athlete’s and individuals.

Used as a supplement, Oxycell Purified Oxygen can enhance sports performance and recovery, elevate mood and aid in sleep, remedy hangovers and sharpen focus.

Head of Marketing for Amka Products, Jared Dallas says that Oxycell is not condensed air, but rather 95% pure Oxygen and the immediate effect can be seen through a pulse Oximeter;

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“With every use comes a clean, natural charge of purified oxygen from the easy-to-use and world class dispensing system. Having conducted extensive research and testing, Oxycell has shown to aid in recovery and increasing your Oxygen saturation levels when you need it the most, whether that be pre-match, post-match or simply under significant stress at school or work.”

Oxycell product research began in 2019 and launched in June 2021 says Dallas;

“As Amka Products, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve and enrich consumers lives and are open to innovative ideas. Being aware of the benefits of Oxygen as a key component of our daily lives our team began discussing the best delivery methods available to Hyper-oxygenate our bodies. We established that other products from overseas became too costly for our market and often products that landed on our shores did not have sufficient evidence or research behind their products. Oxycell worked to ensure that its delivery system ensures that consumers get the breath that they are looking for and put aside time and financial resources in ensuring compliance and independent research confirmed the use cases for our product.”

In just a few short months, the product is in full use by professional athletes ranging from cricket, athletics, rugby and crossfit.

With a recommended selling price of R199.99, and stocked at most major retailers including Dischem, Spar and Takealot, Oxycell is great for home, travel and sports use in a lightweight and easy to use bottle. The 4 flavoured range consists of apple, coffee, watermelon and peach.

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