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Let’s face it. Teenage years are difficult, challenging and certainly no walk in the park.  Aside from age-appropriate responsibilities, changes and expectations, teenagers have had to learn to deal with the challenges of Covid, as well as recent unrest right in our own neighbourhoods. Now more than ever they need the right tools to help them cope with everyday life.

Let us introduce Candice King and Kay Koekemoer. Candice is a cancer survivor and life coach – who works very closely with teens and their moms, while Kay Koekemoer is an Integrated Healer and Kinesiologist who helps women overcome their anxiety. The pair are launching a series of workshops designed to help teens reduce stress, practice mindfulness and cope with the various struggles in life.

Their first workshop, for teens between twelve and seventeen, is titled How to manage your emotions & reduce anxiety and stress, and will cover exam stress, Covid 19 & lockdown, PTSD created by the KZN unrest and PTSD created through personal issues such as family and friend troubles.

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Candice and Kay will focus on empowering those attending by providing the tools and resources to help them naturally manage stress and anxiety around these topics. They’ll also offer support to moms (and dads) during this workshop, helping them to help their children to maintain emotional health at home as well as on their own.

The workshop is on Saturday, October 9, at Suburban Cafe, 9 Ennisdale Drive, Durban North from 9am to 2pm. Tickets are R890 each and include coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a muffin and a light lunch.

Details: Book through quicket.co.za

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