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Great gifts for kids

Christmas is a time for giving. And just look at what we’ve got to give!  A sleigh-load of gift ideas … as well as loads of prezzies for young readers. How about that to add a little more festive cheer to the holidays!

Think you’ve got a nose for drawing? In the hilarious party game, Pencil Nose,  players pick a card and then use their sniffers (well… special Pencil Nose glasses) to sketch objects and hope their teammates can correctly guess what they’re drawing before time runs out! Ideal for ages eight and up. Details: Priced from R325 at Toy Kingdom, CAN and Takealot

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One of the neatest boardgames we’ve seen lately is Drone Home. It’s fast-paced fun for the whole family and is the first game to include a real, flying drone. Race to launch your aliens down the ramps and land inside the drone. Watch out because there’s a delay once you make it in, so others can knock you out. If you stay in and your alien escapes when the drone lifts off, you’re one step closer to winning. Get rid of all your aliens first to win! This game is perfect for ages eight and up (batteries not included). From R425 at Toy Kingdom, CAN and Takealot.

Brilliant for younger children as there’s no reading required, Qwirkle is about shape and colour recognition. This compelling strategy game (suitable for aged six and up) is perfect for honing skills, forward-thinking and planning. How do you play?  Simply build lines by matching tiles based on either colour or shape and score points for doing so. Mix, match and win! From R499. at Toy Kingdom, CNA, Takealot, Everyshop and Loot.

Chompin’ Monster Truck is the name, chompin’ and crushin’ is the game! With this Play-Doh Monster Truck Playset, kids can create Play-Doh cars with the mould, and then use the toy truck’s jaw- chomping action and big tyres to crush them down. The toy monster truck also presses Play-Doh flames and fumes from the exhaust pipe and the toy engine. Add more obstacles to the monster truck rally with cones and other shapes from the half-moulds, and the terrain compound makes it even more fun to squish and smash. R449.90 from Toys R Us.

Perfect for packing for the hols, Happy Salmon is a simple, ultra-fast, very silly card game. There are no turns. Players call out the action shown on their cards as fast as they can. When two players have a match, they celebrate by performing the action. There’s High 5, the unifying Pound It, the frantic Switcheroo and the delightful and bizarre Happy Salmon. Each time a player celebrates a match, they discard a card. The first to get rid of all their cards wins. From R199 at Toy Kingdom, CNA, Takealot, Everyshop and Loot.

Super as stocking fillers for young sun, sport and outdoor lovers, Ocean Kidz sunglasses are not only rugged, funky, fun and colourful, but they’re made from quality, non-toxic materials and offer incredible UV protection for sensitive young eyes. They’re R130 a pair and you can shop online. Details: oceaneyewear.co.za

Join the driver aboard this articulated double-decker LEGO City Car Transporter equipped with lots of cool features. Lower the upper deck, fold down the rear ramp and drive the sleek muscle car on board. Don’t forget to apply the truck’s vehicle lock for safe transportation. When you’re done, jump aboard and head for the highway! R449.90 from Toys R Us.

Toys that require children to put parts together and construct objects in 3D have enormous benefits. That’s why we love Magformers – educational construction toys created especially for small hands, inquisitive minds and expansive imaginations who want to build their own magnetic 3D structures. These playsets make room for hours of sensory development for girls and boys aged three and up, and parents can also join in the fun. Create houses, towers and the ‘magic ball’ from the Magformers Basic Plus 30 piece! R699 from Toy Kingdom, CNA, Takealot, Everyshop and Loot.


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is filled to the brim with hand-slapping mayhem. Each player places a card from their hand face up into a community pile while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence. When the card matches the mantra – boom! – everyone slaps their hand on the deck, with the last one to slap picking up the cards. Whoever rids themselves of cards first wins. Suitable for ages eight and up. From R175 at Takealot and Toy Kingdom.

Build to battle with Snap Ships, a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play, and all sets and pieces are interchangeable, so children can build however they want. Suitable for ages eight and up. From R175 at Toy Kingdom, CNA, Takealot and Everyshop


The Hot Wheels Colour Reveal 2 pack is like having two cars in one! Inside the barrel drum are two scaled Hot Wheels colour-reveal cars that, when swirled around in cold water, change colour to reveal some awesome deco hiding underneath. Change it back by dunking it in warm water! The barrel drum included in the pack serves as a Hot Wheels dunk tank, and it’s also perfect for storage! These make a great gift for kids aged three and up who love the thrill of creative push-around play, as well as collectors! R399.90 from Toys R Us.

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