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Adorable range of baby and toddler wear, made locally.

Nu nues. A quintessentially South African phrase used, so often, when talking about a particularly adorable babe (aren’t they all?). A word that has its origins in the French language – nu nues [pronounced nooh – noohs] meaning naked or bare. What this refers to is the French effortless and minimalistic approach to dressing little ones like mini Parisiennes! Now, we’re all over Nu Nues locally.

This new classic baby and toddler range is environmentally friendly, plastic-free and locally made using only fair trade, natural textiles to make this world better for our Lé Petit.

There are matching mom and me outfits. So cute!

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Rochelle Bailey, owner of Nu Nues, started her entrepreneurial journey when her son was born, and she found herself ‘with a five-week-old baby in my arms, not knowing what I was going to do when my UIF money ran out.’ She started off by opening a small design agency, but after a few years of not enjoying it, decided to start doing what she really wanted to do for a long time, which was fashion focused. And right there, in the middle of a pandemic, Nu Nues was born!





Clothes for babes and toddlers … (and cool stuff for mums, too)

She explains: ‘The most important part of this journey has been having my son around me while growing the business. My objective was always to have him close by while I worked doing something I love.’









That she did. And from teaching herself how to lockstitch on YouTube and working in her son’s bedroom, Rochelle now has a successful online store where you’ll find Nu Nues full range of adorable baby and toddler wear, all made from 100 per cent cotton, as well as memory blankets and decor. Delivery around SA available. Details: nunues.com, Instagram @nunues_sa, Facebook @nunuesinsa





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