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Leap towards a fitter you!

We’re dreaming of glorious cozzie days, new goals and healthy habits … fitness enthusiast Kaylin Sabbadin gets us going!

Getting fit, especially if you’re not the gym-going type or shy away from group exercising can be a challenge. Enter Kaylin! Literally … since she brings personal fitness and health right to you at home via FaceTime or Zoom.

As a qualified barre body instructor, Pilates instructor and aspiring nutritionist, this owner of Kay’Fit makes fitness and a healthy lifestyle fun and challenging. Her aim is to reach every size, shape and body type out there. ‘Fitness, nutrition and nurturing a strong, healthy body and mind, have always been important to me and my everyday discipline,’ she says.

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Kaylin’s five beginner tips to start you on your fitness journey…


If your workout routine has been inconsistent over the past few months, chances are you are not alone. We’ve all had a tough year, with Covid completely throwing out our routines in every aspect of our lives. The hardest step to make is committing, staying consistent and staying motivated. If you can master this you’re already a step ahead. Starting slowly and committing to at least two to three times a week at first is less overwhelming. So rather set smaller goals and be realistic about them.

Be prepared

It may sound like a cliché but, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Putting out your clothes the night before, charging your fitness watch or earphones the night before helps ensure you aren’t scrambling for all your equipment five minutes before your workout. This also helps you mentally prepare for it. Commit to certain days and times so you have a set schedule and you don’t miss it.


Summer bodies aren’t only built in the gym. They’re built in the kitchen too. Start eating correctly and drinking plenty of water.  Eating clean and exercising together is the only way to see results. The food we eat plays a pivotal role in how we look and feel. Regular exercise is important, but nutrition has the largest impact on our fitness.


Start slow and steady as there are NO quick fixes. Some days you’ll feel stuck and frustrated but that’s when your patience and a positive mind get you through. Don’t get despondent when you have setbacks. Keep pushing on and you will get there.

Make it a lifestyle

Make your fitness journey part of your lifestyle choice. By doing so, you’re giving yourself the greatest gift by choosing your health! So don’t have a mind-set of ‘I’ll get healthy and fit for this event or occasion’ … rather make it a forever lifestyle change. Trust me you’ll feel happier, stronger, healthier and add years to your life.

Details: If you’re feeling up for the challenge, Kaylin is running a 21-day summer challenge. Visit kayfit.co.za

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