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A touch of fusion and classic décor

Lifelong friends Dale Wills and Jane Player have backgrounds in art and design and know just how to blend home décor in a variety of ways. They share the latest home decorating trends with us.

Our homes now serve multiple purposes (hello WFH), and Dale and Jane tell us there has been a surge in home renovations and improvement projects lately, with creating tranquil spaces high up on the list of requirements.

There has also been an increased appreciation of antique and vintage pieces, and these are being incorporated into modern, contemporary spaces.

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‘There has been a renewed interest in repurposing and reusing accessories for sustainability. We have become interested in budget friendly ideas, and utilising and incorporating plants and greenery into our living spaces.’

The two decorators are the owners of the charming Town & Country Co showroom, one of the many shops worth visiting at Fig Trees Farm in Hillcrest, and their boutique is a feast for the eyes. If you appreciate treasures from a bygone era, you will love this shop’s fusion of style … all antiques and contemporary furniture, mirrors and lamps, silver and paintings, carpets and accessories. Well worth a visit.

Details: Jane on 083 284 8668. or Town & Country Co on Facebook.

Dale and Jane’s tips on how to successfully mix antique and contemporary pieces

  • Antique pieces add grandeur, balance and texture to a contemporary space.
  • A single statement antique piece will become a focal point in a modern space.
  • Antiques add an element of surprise and create the unexpected. They become a conversation piece.
  • Adding a Persian rug to a contemporary space will add contrast.
  • Placing a crystal chandelier over a modern table makes a gorgeous statement.
  • Bring a touch of olden day charm to a very modern space by incorporating a highly decorative or gilt mirror.
  • Bring in vintage or antique chairs techniques and reupholster in modern fabrics.
  • A stunning antique table with modern chairs makes a bold and beautiful change.
  • A room filled with antiques can be contrasted with a large modern painting.
  • Do the same by mixing modern lamps on antique feature tables.
  • Group mixed objects and pieces according to colour or group antiques together in a modern space.
  • Ultimately, if you love a piece of furniture, you will find somewhere in your home to place it and enjoy it.

Photos: Penny Katz Photography

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